When the child is two years old, mother father gets engrossed in a herculean task of finding a proper school. All the family members keep on thinking that which school to select? The way mother, motherland, mother tongue are important for a child in his or her life, similarly the first school is also highly important. According to great poet Rabindranath Tagore, a school should be such that it shows the correct direction and way to success in life and also gives the child a chance, motivation and education to move ahead on its own in the journey of life. The kids who are to start their school life and are entering nursery or play school their school should be near to their house. Their journey to school must not be boring or long even if they are picked and dropped by parents or by van. Their playing or sleeping hours should not reduce because of the distance from the home to school. The nursery hours should not be more than 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Though the medium of school must be any, but they should be taught their mother tongue. Mother tongue is the strong pillar on which child’s overall personality development and knowledge of values and ethics stand. The children between 2-5 years old should be gaining knowledge with fun and frolic. It’s learning while playing. Half day picnic, drama, fancy dress competition and storytelling are loved by kids and they settle in the school very nicely. The schools should always celebrate different festivals. The knowledge of festivals helps the kids to understand the cultures of the country. Because of these programs the kids learn to speak very well. In the hours of schooling, the place of mother father of the child is replaced by the teacher. Till senior KG the teachers should not complain about the child to the parents. Only the teachers should keep a watch on the child’s activities, observe him or her properly and give the information to mother and father. There should be proper environment and good atmosphere in the school so that the parents and teachers can freely talk, interact and solve any sort of issues. Parents and teachers should not waste their energy in blaming each other and in pin pointing each other’s mistakes. Parents should not behave in such a way that there responsibility gets over after paying the fees. The primary school staff and teachers should not have professional approach but should work as if the job is giving them happiness and joy. The school should also give utmost appreciation and respect that a child deserves. Till first standard there should be no studies at all. There should not be too much of discipline. School should emphasis more on cleanliness. If proper cleanliness is not there, the little ones tend to get each other’s infection and they fall ill. Especially the staff members’ personal hygiene should be maintained and washrooms and toilets should be clean. Schools can play a big role in cultivating the habit of eating nutritious food but food served should be of best quality. If because of certain it is not possible, then school should allow children to bring the food from their home. Till SR. KG the maximum kids in a class should be 25. These kids need lots of personal attention. The international standard is 1 teacher for 9 students. Children stay happy and healthy in a school which is airy, clean, ventilated and with playground. Many nursery schools operate from bungalow which do not have playground for the tiny tots. In nursery and playgroup, children should be given knowledge regarding music, dance, drawing, clay work, birds, animals, flowers and trees etc. If the schools impart proper knowledge in proper manner then in future these kids won’t became memory machines. Never make haste in teaching children. If a child starts to learn at the age of two and half year, then might happen that he or she will know the complete ABCD at 4 years of age and if a child starts the same thing at 4 years then he or she might learn the complete ABCD at 4 and half years. But, who made the loss? For the kids whose weight is only 15 to 20 kilograms the weight of their bags should be negligible. It is impossible that any one school has all these parameters. But the school that has 80% of the above mentioned parameters is called the best school. Child’s first standard should be between 5.5 years to 7 years and if possible try little late. Child is not mentally capable to get into the first standard at the age of 5.5 years. Don’t worry if the child’s comes out one year late out of the school. But if between 5 to 7 years of age, the child is allowed to play, run and have fun in the playground then it is definitely sure that child and his or her parents do not have to take up more stress and tension for another 12 years. Child should go with a smiling face to the school and should come back with a smiling face too. If a child cries and shows tantrums to go to school on Sunday or any holiday, then it is a big achievement for the school. [Divyabhaskar 23/6/2015]

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