• Mother’s milk is the best and complete food for the child.
  • Mother’s milk is easily digested.
  • Whenever the child needs it, it is available. It is in perfect temperature. The outside milk has to be boiled, may get spoiled, the vessels have to be cleaned properly. All these issues arise with regards to outside milk.
  • Mother’s milk saves the child from numerous infections. Mother’s milk directly goes in the child’s mouth. Hence it is highly safe and pure.
  • The child that does not get Mother’s milk has more chances to get infections and suffer from various problems. The chances of diarrhoea are five times more and pnuemonia are three times more in such kids. The initial thick and yellowish milk is called colostrum. It is the first immunity vaccine for the child.
  • If the child is fed only breast milk for 6 months then when the child grows up, he or she is healthy and fit. The child has less chances of suffering diseases like diabetes, asthma, blood pressure and various allergies in the later age
  • The child who is not fed with mother’s milk, grows up with less immunity suffers from insecurity and has inferiority complex and is also violent in nature.
  • A beautiful bond is created between mother and child.
  • Complete physical and mental development of the child takes place.
  • Breast feeding helps in the development of Intelligence Quotient. These children have brilliant command over mathematics subject.
  • Breast feeding gives warmth to the child and it also protects the child’s body becoming cold.
  • The infants who are given breast milk have less chances of suffering from sudden infant death syndrome.
  • A child puts lots of things in mouth during one to two years of age. There is always a possibility of the catching infections. But during this time period if the child is breast fed then the child gets the nutrients that fight against various infections through breast milk. Hence, the child does not fall sick much. Even if it falls sick, it recovers fast. Whenever the child falls sick its frequency of sucking increases. Through breast feeding the child gets nutrition and fluid in required quantity. There are less chances of dehydration.
  • After the birth of the child, the bleeding from the mother’s body stops. The level of iron is balanced in the mother’s body and she does not have to suffer from ANAEMIA.
  • Breast feeding is helping keeping gap between two children.
  • The mother who gives breast milk to the child have less chances of suffering from breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cancer of the uterus or of the interior walls of the uterus. The chances of fibroids in the uterus also goes down considerably.
  • Breast feeding saves the mother from becoming fat and also helps mother in getting into proper shape and size.
  • The most convenient and easy food that mother can give is the breast feeding.
  • Because of breast feeding mother remains satisfied and healthy.
  • The mother who breast feeds the baby can have strong bonding and good connection with the child.
  • The family expense comes down to a great extent.
  • Breast feeding helps in bringing down the deaths among children who are less than 5 years of age.
  • The frequency of the child getting sick reduces and the time of the family is saved.
  • The mother who breast feeds the child for continuously six months, tends to fall less sick till he or she becomes seven years old. Because of this the working women do not feed take up leave from the work and hence the organization also benefits.
  • Love, affection, warmth and bonding increases not only between the mother and the child but also with the members of the family.
  • If in proper manner the breast feeding is taken up then there will be stronger and healthier society.
  • Breast feeding helps in the reduction of pollution in the country, in reduction of the health expenses of the country, faster development and growth of the young generation etc.
  • We know lot of advantages to the child because of breast feeding. But let us know about the benefits that a mother gets because of breast feeding.
  • After delivery mother should try to feed the baby as soon as possible. Because of the contraction of uterus the umbilical cord comes out quickly. It helps to stop excess bleeding after delivery. Hence it stops the removal of iron, protein and other nutrients from the mother’s body. Oxytocin is also called love hormone. It helps the mother in getting back into shape and also reduces mother’s worries, fear and stress.
  • The hormone prolactin is responsible for the formation of the breast milk. Because of prolactin the quantity of milk in mother’s body increases. If the child sucks the nipples more then more amount of prolactin will be formed in the mother’s body. Hence the requirement of the child for the milk will be fulfilled.
  • Because of the prolactin the work of ovaries slows down and therefore it gives protection against second pregnancy. The mothers who gives day and night only breast feeding to the child for the first six months, those mothers remain almost 98 % times successful in delaying their second pregnancy. In medical terminology it is called lactation amenorrhea. Thus, breast feeding can be helpful in keeping distance between two kids.
  • The process of weight reduction and getting back into the shape is faster in a breast feeding mother than the mother who does not breast feed the baby. It’s a myth that because of breast feeding the baby the figure and shape of the mother’s body will get spoilt. Rather, the fats of the breast feeding mother dissolve faster, almost 4 to 5 kgs of weight is reduced. Because of that mother can get back into shape quickly.
  • The breast feeding mother in the later age have less chances of suffering from breast, uterus, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis and fibroids. There are less chances of blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes.
  • Because of breast feeding mother’s work, energy, time and money are saved. She does not have to get into the fuss of giving outside milk or milk through the bottle. In this case the chances of infection to child increases and also unnecessary expenses also increase.
  • Doing successful, for long-time [ almost for two years] breast feeding gives satisfaction to both child and mother. A strong mental bond is built between both of them. When the child grows up, they both understand each other very well. Continuing breast feeding even after the child is one year old gives lot of mental advantage. During this time the child has learnt to see at his or her mother and also understand her. When the child needs the mother gives her milk. Thus, a mutual understanding takes place between them.
  • The mother who is a working woman can take out her breast milk at home through EBM [expressed breast milk] and carefully keep it. Even though mother is at her work, but anyone who is with the child at home can give the child mother’s breast milk even in her absence. She can work satisfactorily at work because she knows that her child is getting her milk even in her absence. She does not have to suffer from negative thoughts that because of her work the child is deprived of her milk.
  [DIVYA BHASKAR 05/08/2015]  

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