A father of a son once told me how he use to make the best use of the time when he use to drop his son to school in his car. We live near judges’ bungalow and my son’s school is ST. Xavier’s LOYOLA near DARPAN six roads and my office is near GANDHI ASHRAM. Everyday we start from our home at 9.30 and reach school in about 20 to 25 minutes. Earlier we used to switch on FM Radio or play some CD having songs. That time I realized that there was always silence between both of us. There wasn’t any conversation which could become a bridge that could make our relationship stronger. I felt that this was not at all acceptable and hence thought of doing an experiment. I decided that every day I will read the newspaper in the morning and will tell my son five news headlines. For two to three days I did this activity but he did not show any interest. On the fourth day he showed some inquisitiveness and wanted to know more about some particular news. After two weeks, he developed the habit of listening the news and I developed the habit of telling news. We both used to remain happy. Sometimes if we school early, he would insist that dad please complete the news and then leave. One day to my surprise he told me that dad, today I will tell you the news. I was extremely happy and delighted. Through this activity it was very easy for me to convey him any kind of social message. I could successfully reach to the level where I shared with him news regarding AHMEDABAD, sports, politics and international issues. It had been two years since I started this interesting activity. And I felt extremely proud when he bagged first prize in a quiz competition. Whenever there were guests at our house he used to communicate in very confident manner. I could easily make out that even people enjoyed with him. We shared dual relationship- one of father and son and second of friends. Now we were even able to understand the silence between us. I had never thought that this experiment or activity would be so successful and I would be able to create strong with my son with just few minutes of healthy interaction. I made the best utilization of time. Our life became lively and was filled with lot of enthusiasm. Though I am a doctor but from this incident I have learnt one thing. None of the parents should make an excuse of busy schedule and hectic routine life and complain that we are not getting time to talk to our children. Whenever one finds some time, just grab it and create an opportunity to converse maximum with the child.    

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