Her name was Prabhavti ben Kantilal Gadecha. She was from some village near Amreli in Saurashtra. I remember the full name of Prabhavti ben because I had met her during December 1993 and that was the starting phase of my hospital. During that time there was less staff in my hospital and so I use to write the name, address and all other details of the new patient by myself. Prabhavti ben used to come with her son Prakash who was 11 year old. She used to be a Gujarati teacher in a Gujarati medium school. Prabhavti ben was very soft, simple and of pleasing personality, just as her name. She had to bring her son Prakash to me because time and again he used to suffer from the problems of cough and asthma. For almost 4 years they used to visit me. Then suddenly in 2007 she came to give me invitation of Prakash’s wedding. I was very much delighted to see her and that time she said about the sad demise of Prakash’s father before two years. Again in the year 2009 she came with Prakash’s new born child. That time she said, “Please see the child. Prakash has got a new job opportunity in Kolkata on the basis of his academics and merits. So with all three of them I am also shifting to Kolkata. Prakash’s wife shweta has completed her Company Secretary course and so she will also get better job opportunity there and I will pass my time by taking care of my grandson”. Just for her son Prabhavati ben did not even hesitate and think for a moment for leaving her teacher’s job. Six years had passed by and I had almost forgotten about Prabhavti ben but suddenly in December month 2015, she had come to Ahmedabad to attend some family wedding and so she came to see me. Seeing her alone, I even mentioned that why did you came alone and did not bring your grandson? She was looking fine, smiled a bit and then narrated her journey of hardships that started after reaching Kolkata in 200. Everything got settled very fast. Thought it was a new place but Prakash and Shweta were very well set in their professional life. I was able to spend my quality time with their son. I was highly grateful to God but God had some different plans for us. Prakash’s son Aryaman was almost four months old. For his routine checkup and vaccination we went to a pediatrician in Kolkata. Doctor measured the radius of Aryaman’s head and he felt something wrong. After getting the C.T. scan and showing it to the pediatric neuron physician it was concluded that Aryan had the problem of cerebral palsy. In this problem, the development and growth of brain stops. The size of the head is small. Slowly and gradually child’s mental growth will be hampered. (Currently we are seeing the pictures in the newspaper of many infants of Brazil who are suffering from cerebral palsy because of ZIA virus.) There is no treatment that can cure the disease completely and the patient needs supportive care for life time. It took me 2 months to accept Ryman’s problems and Shweta took about 6 months to accept. Now our day and night used to get over by taking care of Aryan. Shweta left her job. Through physiotherapy, play therapy, water therapy and also speech therapy, I and Shweta were fighting a battle to make Aryan a normal child. I and Shweta were depressed when Aryan became two and we had to face the reality that like other children Aryan will not be able to go to a normal play school. We became strong and we thought, why not start a play school in our residence of for similar kids? We started a play school in June 2011 and in a very short period 4 to 5 children started coming. Basically I was a teacher and with me I had my daughter Shweta. She was more like a daughter than a daughter-in-law. We have many times heard that if you start doing some good things or noble work for the society or the world, then God surely stands with you. One day it happened so that God came and stood in front of us. It was almost Diwali time of 2011. A famous foreign cricketer must have heard about our organization and its working and hence came over at our place. This foreign cricketer is highly impressed with Kolkata. In a year, twice or thrice he comes to Kolkata for voluntary services and noble cause. The SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAAN has started recently in our country but in the year 2011 there were photographs of this cricketer sweeping the lanes of Kolkata. In the early morning in March 2012 when we were celebrating the win of world cup, this cricketer was busy in ordering and getting special types of patient beds from Australia for a hospital of Kolkata. The newspaper published the news of his visit to our organization and then people got to know about our organization. Currently almost 30 children suffering from cerebral palsy came to our organization. I and Shweta have got the vision and meaning of our life. Aryaman is now 6 years old and is happy with other kids. Prabhavati ben left saying that now they want to go further in this direction only. Prabhavati ben taught one thing that if any difficulty or tough time comes in life, then the foremost thing is to accept it and try and make the life beautiful by working hard to solve the problem and also try and help the society with your knowledge and wisdom. God will come to you and will show path to you and the sharp rays of the light will fill your life with happiness and enlightenment. Today (On 1st February 2016) when I am writing this article, I came across a Gujarati newspaper in which I read an article written by national award winner Mr. Aabid Surti. He has written that there is nothing more motivational than a challenge. One cannot progress in life if there is no challenge. When there is a problem or challenge then the soul and mind also starts working towards it. A challenge opens the door of soul and mind. Thus, making creative and continuous efforts is the key to face the challenges successfully.

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