Almost two years back, it was the month of August. It was noon time and it was raining very heavily. A six year child named ABHINAV was admitted in my hospital because he was suffering from loose motions and vomiting. He was from a society which was near my hospital. When I went to examine ABHINAV in his room, that time his mother was sitting next to him and an old man named PRAMODBHAI was also there. After examining the child I greeted PRAMODBHAI. I knew PRAMODBHAI since a long time. He was the retired officer of BANK IF INDIA. He used to come to my hospital with his grandsons and grand daughters. He is very social and of helping nature. I thought that ABHINAV and PRAMODBHAI must be living in the same society so must be knowing each other. But still I happened to ask him that how he knew ABHINAV. Before PRAMODBHAI gave any answer, ABHINAV immediately told , he is my grandfather. At that time PRAMODBHAI got up and put his hand on the child’s head. I know all the grandchildren of PRAMODBHAI very well. I could not understand that then why ABHINAV called him grandfather. Thinking that ABHINAV is small and hence must be calling Dadaji to PRAMODBHAI and left the room. After sometime ABHINAV’s mother came in my consulting room. She said, when ABHINAV’s real grandfather SURESHBHAI passed away he was only six months old. SURESHBHAI and PRAMODBHAI were very good friends. PRAMODBHAI used to come to our house almost everyday. After his friend’s death meaning my father-in-law’s death also, he used to come everyday. He used to help in daily chores our house like making payments of light bill, telephone bill, insurance work etc. I never felt that my father-in-law was not anymore with us. I have always got immense love of a father from PRAMODBHAI. ABHINAV started growing old and called PRAMODBHAI dada meaning grandfather. PRAMODBHAI also loves ABHINAV a lot. Many a times he goes to pick or drop ABHINAV from school. Till date he considers him his own Dadaji. He hasn’t seen his SURESH DADA after he has started understanding things. After listening to ABHINAV’s mother my respect for PRAMODBHAI increased. Many a times people give lot of money in charity and donations. Some good souls even take out time for others. But since last six years a person is trying to fill the absence of his friend by showering so much love is definitely an angel with very big heart. After ABHINAV was discharged, PRAMODBHAI came to my hospital to pay the bills. He told me about his daily routine and work and I felt that after retirement this is the best way to utilize time. He is associated with the SWADHYAAY path and work dedicated by SHRI PANDURANG DADA. He helps some old and aged people and happily and readily does their various work like bank work, payment of bills, to get the pension money, to get the medicines etc. at the age of 79 he walks for three kilometers daily. He also does some small-small daily chores of his own house. He brings fruits, vegetables, grocery etc. whenever he goes out of AHMEDABAD three to four families misses him a lot. He is fond of musical nights and always keeps on smiling. PRAMODBHAI is blessed with good health and happiness. I have seen many elderly persons who have become dependent on the family members. Instead of being helpful they create unnecessary burden on others. They keep creating lot of issues. They scold small children, keep watching TV. and pass their time by drinking 4 to 5 cups of tea. For these old people PRAMODBHAI’s life can be an ideal example. Last week I read an article on retirement which was written by famous  writer SHRI GUNVANT SHAH[24/01/2016 in DIVYA BHASKAR’S supplement]. I am writing his message over here. A beautiful retired life is like beautiful shades of sunset. After retirement every act of a person should be connected with knowledge and prayer. Doing the work that gives immense pleasure fills the heart and soul with pious deeds. After retirement, the retired life acts as a fertilizer. Old age without any selfishness is like a fountain and old age with any kind of selfishness is like a mountain of heaviness. A person who interferes a lot is just an old man but a person who tells good stories, is not a burden to anyone is called a grandfather. When a person is disrespected by own children in old age then that is the biggest moment of disgrace. A retired man cannot get happiness without his own willingness. The true inner happiness lies between the compulsory retirement activity and the active retirement life. The death that a person gets after this is like a festival of life and celebration of death. [ PRAMODBHAI did not want to reveal his identity so I have changed the names of the characters]      

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