Almost the summer of 2012 had begun. Still we were able to tolerate the heat waves of summer. People were still rejoicing the moments of cricket as India had won the world cup. In the afternoon, a gentleman from Paldi area came with his son who had complained of vomiting. Paldi is almost 10 km from my hospital. I could see the boy had some symptoms of dehydration. It was the beginning of summer time, the child was constantly vomiting and plus the child was unable to eat or drink anything through mouth. After seeing all this, I requested them to admit the child in my hospital. When the child heard that he needs to be admitted, his facial expressions changed. His father did not discuss anything with me and told the child that we will not get admitted. With this type of behavior I was little surprised. Then the father told, when we started from our house, he was not ready to come. So I gave him the promise that you come to hospital and the doctor will neither give you injection nor will admit you. I should not have given such a promise, so I seek for your forgiveness. I will not break my promise given to him. I will take him back home and will be back in an hour. I know I will have to go and come back, but that’s ok. I was very much surprised that they will go all the way back to Paldi and then come back. Instead of that father, any other parent would explain the child that our house is too far and it is better that we get admitted now. I was pleased to know that the father wanted to stick to the promise given to the child. I gave instructions to my staff to give medicines for vomiting. I told the father to give ORS and apple and bring him back in an hour. After almost one hour I got a phone call from their house. He told me that may be because we did not admit the child he has got some energy in him. My child did not vomit after that. He is now playing in the house and running here and there. Once the heat reduces I will come to show you. I will come almost in the evening hours. In the evening when I saw the child I was amazed to see that the child was much better. Before four hours the child that had to be admitted was fine and there were no symptoms of dehydration. I explained them the medicines and food which had to be given and told them there is no problem at all and now they can go back home. In our country parents do not have importance of the promise given to the child. Parents tell the child that do these much work or complete a particular target and we will buy something for you. But when the child finishes the work given to him, they take the promise for granted. For any kind of patients, along with the doctor’s medicine warmth, affection, love, time and kind words of family members add as a fuel and make him or her better.  

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