It was summer time of year 2012. In my consulting room some or the other light music is continuously played. One grandparent came with his four year old son to show me. He listened to the old songs. After showing to his grandson he got up and was about to leave the room. That time he told that I and my few friends have collectively formed a club and we get together on every Saturday to listen to the best of the old songs. So if you wish you also can join us. He explained me where I have to come on the coming Saturday and left. Because of some reason I could not go on that Saturday. But after that I started receiving the CD of old songs that he and his friends had listened on Saturday. Without my attendance and presence I started getting marvelous collection of wonderful Hindi movie songs which were based on different-different themes. There were patriotic songs, devotional songs, and songs for children, songs on joint family and also themes were based on various singers. Here, I wish to tell my readers about the wonderful social message that we get from songs that are pictured on the little children. If we show these songs to our children then they would definitely learn certain things which are important for good living. Also they would get fun, enjoyment and merriment. *NANHE MUNNE BACHHE TERI MUTHI MEIN...… [1994].  This song is taken from the movie `BOOT POLISH’ and gives message that even if we get pearl by begging, we will never accept it. We want to earn by hard work and not begging. Even in difficult times we get tears that look like pearl, we will accept it and will work harder. *CHUN-CHUN KARTI AAYI CHIDIYA is from the movie “AB DELHI DOOR NAHI” released in 1957. In this song it is showcased that children have strong bonding with animals. Today also this song is one of the favorite songs for kids’ animation. *DADI AMMA DADI AMMA MAAN JAO is from the movie ‘GHARANA’ released in the year 1961. In this song the kids are telling their grandmother to drink cold water and get calm. Also they are telling their nanimaa that please do not get angry on petty things. Instead please forgive us for being naughty and tell us a nice story. *TUMHI HO MATA, TUMHI HO PITA is from the movie “MEIN CHUP RAHUNGI” released in 1962. In this song the kids are praying to God and telling that I am connected to you by different relationships. You are my mother, father, brother and friend. You have given me immense love and I thank you for that. *NANHA MUNNA RAHI HUN is from the movie ‘SON OF INDIA’. In this song the children are giving a beautiful message that till I achieve my goal I am not going to step back. With lot of courage we will move forward and attain success. *HUM BHI AGAR BACCHHE HOTE is from the movie “DOOR KI AWAZ” released in 1964. In this song an elderly person is remembering his childhood days. The kids are not worried about bread and butter and job. Let them enjoy their life. It is really wonderful social message. *BACHHE MANN KE SACCHE is from the movie “DO KALIYAN” released in 1968. In this song baby NEETU SINGH has described the innocence of the children. They get convinced easily. They never feel bad. They do not consider any one big or small or rich or poor. That is why God loves small kids. *PAPA JALDI AANA is from the movie “TAKDIR” released in 1968. This song shows that until the father has not returned home from work, the kids do not go to bed. Also the kids tell their daddy that when you come back from far off country, please bring a beautiful doll for us and some as soon as possible. *RONA KABHI NAI             RONA is from the HINDI movie “APNA DESH” released in 1972 tells us that we should never cry in difficult and hard times. This message is given by RAJESH KHANNA. [AOP- ACADEMY OF PEDIATRIC AHMEDABAD JOURNAL SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2014 ISSUE]

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