The principal of an English medium school located in NAVRANGPURA area of AHMEDABAD used to come to me with his grandson. His grandson was my patient. He told me a heart touching story. He told me, “My main subject is maths. As such I was able to teach very nicely to all the students of my school. But somehow my both the grandchildren were not comfortable in learning maths with me. May be from birth they have seen me as their grandfather, so they are not able to accept me as their teacher. When I used to teach MATHEMATICS to my children, I used to have little bit strict behavior with them. So it might be that they used to sit forcefully with me. They somehow studied with me and now they are grown up. But I have failed in teaching my loving grandchildren. I have tried in boot the manner-with love and affection and with strict action. After thinking a lot, I appointed a tuition teacher for both of them. He was a young teacher of my school and gave him the responsibility of teaching my grandchildren at my house. I had a doubt that how will be the new teacher? Will he be successful? But to my surprise both the kids started enjoying with the new teacher and started studying. Friendship developed between them. And after a month I saw that both the kids were doing maths very nicely at home. When the principal shared his experience with me, there was nothing special in that. But the next thing what he told me is highly important and worth. It taught me a lesson. When I asked him, that the teacher of your own school came to your house and taught your kids. He said, “In front of my grandkids I always used to call him ‘sir’. If I had to talk about their progress then with due respect I used to call him sir and then converse. This is the reason why my grandchildren use to study so efficiently with him. In school I am his senior and also his sir. But at home he is the teacher of my kids, their guru. So at home he is my boss and sir. Really this is so beautiful. He was the principal of his school. But in the house if he would have behaved as the principal, then his kids would not have studied so well. For sure, the teacher would have done his duty perfectly but the principal also kept a respectful behavior with the teacher. This is worth learning and accepting in life.  

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