After the child’s birth, most of the mothers try to take up this position for breast feeding the little one. First, all mothers should sit in the erect position. Then mother should place the head of the child under one hand. Then, mother should sit in such a way that the nipple is in front of the nose and her stomach is in front of the child. Then slowly take the child close to the breast and not the breast close to the child. Mother can give support to the breast with second hand.  
The first hand will only give support to the breast. Second hand will give support to head, neck and back of the child. Child finds it easy to suck nipple in this position.  
A mother who has undergone caesarean, find this position very convenient. In this position the child is not in the mother’s lap. Mother does not have to bear the weight of the child. Mother gets rest while feeding the baby. Mother should sleep on one side and should make the baby lie down facing her. Keep the nose in front of the nipple. Keep the position of the baby and herself like the cradle position.  
If the mother has undergone caesarean or has very big and heavy breast or the kid or kids are underweight or there are twins, then the position is higher beneficial. When the pressure is required to be applied to bring the milk out of the breast, then this position is very helpful. Palms should be placed under the neck of the baby in order to give support. Child’s legs and feet should be kept under the hand.   For successful breast feeding, mother should have good and positive thoughts, love towards the child and should keep child close to her. The thought, “I want to give breast feeding to my child” and  also the cries of the baby plays important role.   If there is sorrow, sadness, uneasiness, if the sex of the child is not acceptable, stress of the job, household chores, any sort of doubts in the mind, negative comments by the relatives for the child etc. can lead to unsuccessful breast feeding.   Don’t feed the baby while lying down.      

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