Preterm Birth and Underweight Infants at Birth.

    Child born in the last semester i.e. 37th -41st week is said to be a child birth at full term, but if the child is born before the 37th week they are said to be “Preterm” babies. If the infants weight is below 2.4kgs, they are considered to be born “Underweight”. Few infants’વધુ વાંચો

Newborn’s Arrival into the world

    There is a certain amount of happiness in relatives eagerly waiting outside the labor room as soon as they hear that “First Cry”of the newborn baby. The overwhelming feeling even leads to a little sweet argument among all of them standing outside, that who will go and see the baby first. Even beforeવધુ વાંચો

Umbilical Related Issues in Newborn Babies

        Umbilical Granuloma After the Umbilical cord in a newborn has dried and fallen, the navel should look normal but instead you notice a dried red lump like part (nodule) of a size less than even 1 cm, it may sometimes even ooze out blood or fluid. This mole is not atવધુ વાંચો

Fever in Newborn Babies

    From the time day of birth till the 28th day we can term the kid to be a “newborn” baby. Newborn babies’ body temperature in mother’s womb tends to be a little more than the mothers body temperature. As soon as the baby is born, their body temperature starts dropping from 1 centigradeવધુ વાંચો

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