Umbilical Related Issues in Newborn Babies
  • Umbilical Granuloma
After the Umbilical cord in a newborn has dried and fallen, the navel should look normal but instead you notice a dried red lump like part (nodule) of a size less than even 1 cm, it may sometimes even ooze out blood or fluid. This mole is not at all attached or related in any way to the lungs or urinary bladder but it’s just and minor outer navel problem. You can try simple home remedy like applying salt on the mole on regular basis and within 10-12 days the mole will fall off. If the above remedy does not work than you should consult a surgeon. The surgeon will apply Silver Nitrate to shrink and slowly burn the umbilical granuloma. This procedure in medical term is called “Cauterization”. After the procedure a small part of the granuloma is sent for the biopsy to confirm if it has any relation to urinary bladder or lungs.’  
  • Umbilical Polyps
This is a soft part and a little bigger than 1cm. it is sometimes attached to the wall of the lungs and urinary bladder. If this red jelly type portion is attached to the wall of lungs or the urinary bladder you will notice fluid similar to urine oozing out of the navel accompanied with a bad odor. You might suddenly see you clothes with blood stain near the navel. This red jelly type mole may not be seen during the time of birth, but can be seen on the 4th or 5th week after birth. Salt and nitrate liquid does not help in Polyps. The only solution to get rid of polyps is surgery.  
  • Omphelitis
Around 3rd or 4th day after birth of the baby you might observe puss kind of fluid oozing out from the stump, due to which the infant might have fever and may keep crying. The only treatment to treat Omphelitis is Antibiotics. This condition is seen mostly in the cases when the delivery is done at home without any medical help. When the babies are delivered in the hospital with proper medical help and under expert care. As the umbilical cord in the hospital is cut with proper sterilized equipment’s hence this condition of Omphelitis is rarely seen. In some cases the parents due to some blind and religious faith apply some few household items which causes the infection. We should always try and do the delivery in the hospital under proper medical care and expert doctors. The Umbilical cord should always be cut with sterilized germ free equipment’s. After the cord is cut it should be closed with “Cordclamp”. The Umbilical cord will dry in 5-15 days and fall on its own. After the Umbilical cord has fallen only an antibiotic powder should be applied on it for 8-10 days                  

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