Every parent is excited about their kids’ birthday especially when the child completes one year. They feel utmost happy. They feel dual happiness because firstly the parents feel happy that they have successfully helped the child to become one year old and secondly they have wonderful parenting. During this time, parents always wonder that what gift should be given to the child? Someone will bring a dress or someone will bring a nice toy. Few parents open up saving accounts for their child. Parents make the calculations that if they save certain amount of money every year then when the child turns 18, he or she will get with interest a stipulated amount of money. Some parents also take up an insurance policy. Thus, every father-mother gift their child with unique gift on his or her birthday, celebrate it with pomp and show and try to make the birthday most memorable one. After the first birthday when the parents tend to come to my clinic, they share with me that how they celebrated their little one’s birthday. At times they also show their photographs. In all of this, I remember one person who had gifted his daughter a wonderful gift. Recently, he had come to me. That time I asked him that he had taken up a vow on his daughter’s first birthday while gifting her with a unique gift. Does he still follow that promise? He told me that he has still continued to give her the gifts and has added many things in them. Let’s try to know what are the things he gifts his daughter, it will be fun. When his daughter became an year old, he gifted her a book with pictures of birds and animals. On her second birthday he gave a book of flowers and plants and of vehicles out of which the sounds of vehicles use to come out. On her third birthday three books, fourth birthday four books and like that he use to gift with the number of books as per her age and all the books were of different topics pertaining to her age. When his would complete 20 years, she would be having a collection of almost 220 books. Such a beautiful thought and such precious values were given to her in inheritance. After her 5th birthday, he started adding a self written diary in the gifts of books. In that diary, he used to write down some memorable incidents with his daughter, added photographs and some important quotes relating to her age. According to him, his daughter had special importance of that diary amongst all the books that were gifted to her. I used to be so happy when my daughter used to go through the diary, turn the pages of the diary and that also almost everyday. On the 10th birthday, he made one more addition. He used to cut some important articles published in the newspaper which were of great help to the students and were the topics of general knowledge. Also collected the photographs and articles the important events that took place in the country and around the world in the whole year that got published in the last days of the year in the newspaper. He used to make a file of all this and gift it to his daughter. When she entered the teenage he gifted her the membership of a prestigious library. He told me that when she will be fifteen, he will gift her the lifetime subscription of two magazines published in their mother tongue. His daughter is brilliant in studies and general knowledge. Whenever she comes in the chamber, she sits very nicely and also talks beautifully. I also love to meet her. Though the thing which shared with you is small but is worth giving a thought. Its easy for the parents to but materialistic things like mobile phone, toys or dress. But there are certain things which the children aspire from the parents that can inculcate values and culture in them. The parents can give the inheritance of these things which are valuable and helpful for them for the entire life.  

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