Here, some interesting incidents have been penned which describes what children think on the answers that we give them to explain them something or to convince them. A father always cultivated the habit of brushing teeth before going to bed in his four year old daughter. The daughter also accepted this habit and followed it every night. One night, the little one got the craving of eating home-made ladoo. But she had already brushed her teeth. Mom and dad tried to convince her that darling, you cannot eat anything after brushing the teeth. The teeth will get spoiled again. You will have to brush your teeth again and again etc. the little one got little disappointed but somehow accepted it. Next day she got up in the morning and her mother asked her to brush her teeth. But she refused she told that if I brush my teeth then I will not get anything to eat. Both mother and father started laughing. The girl had understood that if you brush your teeth, then you do not get anything to eat at all. Then her mother explained her that the rule was only meant for night. In the morning you should eat only after brushing your teeth. One seven year old child was taught the words like living things and non-living things. He asked his mother the meaning of these two words. His mother explained that those things whose height increases and also width increases are called living thing for example human beings, trees etc. she also explained that the height and width of non-living things never increases for example, table, vessels, car etc. The boy got happy. After some time, there was a building getting constructed near their house. The boy used to observe the construction of the house. One day he asked his mother whether building is living thing or non-living thing. Mother immediately answered non-living thing. The boy again asked that before few days the building was of four floors and now it is five floors building. Now if the height of the building is increasing then why can’t it be called living thing? Mother was confused that now what answer shall I give? Then child’s mother took the help of the teacher and explained him the concept of respiration and heart beat and told him the difference between living and nonliving things. Then the child felt contented. At night one child was playing with the idols of gods and goddesses of his house. His grandfather explained the boy, that darling you mustn’t disturb the God at night. They must be sleeping. Few days passes after his incident. One morning grandfather saw that 2 to 3 idols of Gods in their temple were lying down. Grandfather thought they might have fallen down by themselves. But this happened repeatedly on the second day. Grandfather arranged them properly but he got bit worried. He thought that every day it is inauspicious if the idols of God fall off like this. On the third day all the idols of the God had fallen down. He got highly worried and scared. He thought, now definitely something unusual and inauspicious would happen in the house. He immediately gathered all the members of the house. He told than that since 3 days the idols were lying down. Everybody started thinking that why this was happening. When the discussion was going on the child was playing around. He heard the talks of the elders. He immediately said that I was making Gods sleep. Dadaji had told that Gods also sleep at night. It is highly uncomfortable for God to sleep when they are kept in standing position. So I have started to make them lie down

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