Reasons for Crying in Infants
    How does an infant communicate? The language an infant can communicate is “CRY”. Most of the new parents are always confused as to why does the new born baby cry so much? It’s mostly observed that if it’s the first born child in a family or a parents of the new born are living in a nuclear family with any adult guidance they are mostly confused when the infant keeps crying. The 4 main reasons of Crying:-
  1. Hunger
  2. Colic ( Gastro)
  3. Nasal Congestion
  4. Due to vaccination or Injection
When a new born baby cries due to hunger the common term used for it is “HungerCry”. Hunger Cry occurs every 2-3 hrs. in an infant. The infant generally shows some signs of hunger before it actually starts crying. It might make some noise, do some movements, change the facial expression etc. A mother can immediately identify the infant’s need of hunger through their crying. It’s only the mother who understands that the crying is because the child is hungry. And as soon as the mother starts feeding the baby the “Hunger Cry “ immediately stops, as if the baby was just waiting for the mother to hold them. Once they are satisfied with the feed and by the time you lift them for the burp and pat them around, they would fall asleep. Gastro or Colic is another reason for an infant to cry. If the mother’s breastfeeding conditions are not good, if an infant is on formula milk, has nasal congestion and after the feed mother has forgotten to make the infant burp all these conditions can lead to gastro/colic in the child. Lot of parents ask the doctors one common and frequent question,” our baby is quite and calm for 20hrs in a day but keeps continuously crying for 4 hours in the evening ? Few face the same issue at night. Some cry at a specific time in a day, where as they are calm, quiet and playful the rest of the day. In all these cases, there is no reason to panic or get worried. Even if the child is a bit unwell in those 4 hours and is crying a lot consider the entire day to be good as well. The best remedy to avoid all the above mentioned situations is to make the baby burp after each feed. You can even consult the doctor and learn the correct breastfeeding technique. As the infant grows they start moving around, turning around on their own all the above mentioned problems die down or reduced  

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