• First of all mother should sit in a relaxed position before feeding the baby. If it is required take a pillow behind the back or can give support to the back with the help of a bolster. Drink one glass of water or any other liquid. Keep good light, air and ventilation in the room. Don’t be in haste, do not talk over the phone and do not eat while feeding the child. Don’t think that will complete the feeding in 10 minutes and then will be able to go out for the work. Never calculate the time of feeding.
  • To give proper breast feeding, take care that the nipple, 2 cm Aerola and some part of the breast especially the lower part of the breast is in child’s mouth.
  • While breast feeding, if the position of the mother and child is proper, then mother will never find it painful. If mother is feeling pain or is uncomfortable then understand that mother’s position while feeding the baby is not proper. To know the correct position and posture do consult the doctor.
  • Child’s head and body should be in straight line. Head should be in front of the breast and nose should be near the nipple. Child should be close to mother’s body. The position is said to be correct, if mother sees into child’s eyes, child’s chin touches the breast, child’s mouth is wide open and the lower lip is turned outward. Child’s head should be placed in the interior side of the elbow of one hand and the back and legs should be given support by another hand. It is said cradle position. While giving breast feeding to the new born baby, mother should take utmost care that the legs and thighs of the baby gets utmost support, including the head and shoulder. [look at the picture]
  • With one hand mother should give breast in the baby’s mouth. But be careful that child’s nose doesn’t get pressed. Try and make the lips touch the nipple. Generally it happens that the child immediately widens the mouth and brings the tongue ahead. Immediately try and be in such a position that nipple, aerola and some part of the breast can easily go in the baby’s mouth. Then child will start sucking the breast by itself.
  • During this period, be patient and wait till child takes little more part of the breast in the mouth. Bring the child close to the breast. Mother should not go near the child or take the breast near the child. Child’s lower lip should always be under the nipple, so that the child’s mouth can hold mother’s nipple and breast properly. If the position is correct, then child’s chin will touch mother’s breast.
  • Mother should place four fingers under the breast and thumb above the breast and should give slight pressure. So that perfect quantity of milk in correct flow goes in child’s mouth and child can drink the milk without any problem.
  • Pressure through the fingers should not be more that the child’s mouth gets filled with milk and milk gets into nose and eyes. Little pressure is required only in the beginning. After that the child will start sucking on its own and milk will flow by itself.
  Food donation-best donation Blood donation-valuable donation Organ donation-life savior donation But breast milk donation can be considered outstanding donation. [ Dr. Sandhya Khalse {PUNE} ]

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