Her name was Godavari ben. Her profession was livestock breeding and animal husbandry. She used to live in JADAVNAGAR near MEMNAGAR and her family comprised of 3 children, her husband and six buffaloes. She had immense faith in God. On and off she used to visit various pilgrims of India. She had covered almost entire India. I have not got chance to visit many of pilgrims of India but yes, because of Godavari ben, I have had the privilege to eat Prasad of many temples. Whenever there was a problem with her two sons and a daughter, she used to come to me. Godavari ben had done a wonderful work which should be appreciated by one and all. Behind the success of the children, there is definitely some important strategy of parents. It does not matter at all, whether the parents are more educated or more experienced. She had enrolled all her three children in one of the good English medium school of the city. She used to tell,’ I have studied, till 2nd standard and my husband has studied till 4th standard. If we make our children study, then they can progress and make their own prestige in the society. We were scared to put them in English medium school but they study on their own. We have also kept tuitions for the kids. They are also learning Gujarati subject. Their thoughts were like highly educated parents. Also they had a beautiful vision about the future after 10 years. I got to learn second good thing from them. When I asked them, “Are all the children studying nicely? Did you ever face any problems?” They said,            “Doctor! We had loads of difficulties and hurdles. The fees of big school are very high but Lord Krishna helped me a lot. What children study I do not understand at all. But I had made a strict rule for all three of them that they will have to sleep early. I know that many teenagers of 15-16 years would loiter till late in the streets and eat tobacco and keep watching pictures and photographs on the mobile. But I know that all these things will never help them in future. We all have dinner at 7 o’ clock in the evening. Till 9 o’ clock we finish our household chores and by 9:30 we all return to bed. I get up at four in the night. I have to milk the buffaloes before the dawn. All the three kids get up at 4:30. They study for 2 hours and then at 8 o’ clock they leave for the school. Godavari ben said such a wonderful and amazing thing that we all should practice in our life. Now let’s talk about that wonderful thing in detail. Leaving a few, many young students just waste their time by waking up till late. If you are awake till late, you feel quite hungry and you happen to waste time by engaging some or the other unproductive activity. Most people instead of studying waste their time on computers and mobiles. As we don’t set our sleeping time and do not have fixed sleeping hours, we just waste many extra hours. We don’t even realize all this. Also when we sleep late at night we feel lazy and drowsy the next day. That reduces our potentiality to a certain level. But instead of that if u wake up early in the morning, you can work almost one and half times to two times more and this is proven by scientists. In a human body the level of energy is very high in the morning. Early morning a person gets many creative and positive thoughts. If the decisions are taken in the early morning, then generally the execution of those decisions is faster and successful. And the biggest benefit is if you get up early, then not a single minute is wasted because nobody would like to chat on mobile in the early morning. Morning 5:48 is considered to be the best time of the day. The rays of rising sun bring new energy in the entire body. Hence, it is beneficial for a healthy life. But yes, of course one has to cultivate the habit of getting up early in the morning. Mahatma Gandhi considered the morning hours to be the best time of the day to give answers to the letters. I just remembered that I had read in a newspaper that Mr. N.T.  Ramarao who had been the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh for 25 years used to fix meetings with his ministers and press reporters between 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. early in the morning. Many writers create best of their creations early in the morning. Many wonderful painters and artists get the best of the thoughts, creativity in the early start of the day. The singers always choose the morning hours to do their practice. The autobiographies of various researchers have stated that they could reach to the final conclusion or success in the great inventions in the early morning. Even in our medical field, many surgeons and doctors plan the operations in the morning hours because they consider it to be the best time period of the day. Seriously, the heart touching story of Godavari ben touched my mind. [The main character’s name is changed to Godavari ben]

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