Seriously it is a difficult task for the parents to up bring a physically and mentally challenged child. The parents have to face uncertainty of the result even after giving all the three things- time, effort and money. Its not just the hard work, they have to highly dedicated also. If they constantly keep on trying and wish that their child becomes normal child like others then they will be under constant stress. Because of this goal, they try to push the specially able child and keep  on trying that their child meets their expectations but fail to understand that this is impossible. But if the child is specially able, then the parents should try to bring small-small difference in the child and that will look like a big achievement and also parents will get inspiration to do better and the enthusiasm will also increase. Because of lot of expectations, many a times parents, family members and teachers also develop an attitude for such a child that ‘he doesn’t do’ or he doesn’t want to do. But instead of this, if they keep an attitude that ‘he is unable to do this’, then the entire perspective changes and the efforts which are put in will definitely give good results. There is a beautiful scene in AMIR Khan’s movie, ‘TARE ZAMEEN PAR’. In that scene a father of a child suffering from autism complains parents AMIR KHAN that his son does certain weird things. AMIR KHAN immediately asks him to read an instruction written in Chinese language on a box. His father told that this is written in Chinese language and I do not know this language. At that time AMIR tells him, “But if I tell you that you actually don’t want to read”. Father immediately understood his mistake. The parents of a physically or mentally challenged child constantly feel scared that what people will think when we take them out? In western countries people never look in strange way or with anxiety. They consider them normal human beings. But in our country people put the parents in awkward conditions by asking unnecessary questions and keep on giving unnecessary suggestions and advices. Because of this the stress of the parents increase and at that time the child has to face that. They try to find out that best alternative of leaving the child at their brother or sister’s place or at houses of few relatives. You must be amazed to know that a person with artificial leg has climbed MOUNT EVEREST. An Indian who is blind since birth has written a best book on computer programming. A person suffering from cerebral palsy has done PhD [doctorate]. These people were weak in one way but to make them successful, their parents and teachers did their best job and gave them lot of support. It is very easy to identify a good quality in a normal person but to bring out a quality from the specially challenged person is like finding a needle from the heap of grass. But this work is not impossible because however dark and long a night is but it is definitely going to end and the rays of light and hope are going to come. The parents of such children should never feel disheartened or leave the efforts midway. At times, you might feel tired but then rest for a while. But never leave the goal. In the end the result will be surprising for the parents.   [DIVYA BHASKAR 09/09/2014]

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