Mother and mother in law:
  • After delivery, the lady lives either in her in laws house or her parents’ house. With their experience, the mother or the mother in law should explain the new mother about the new responsibility in her life.
  • The presence of the mother or the mother in law gives the feeling of compassion and security to the mother. They both help the new mom in taking care of the child, in giving her varied food, in resolving various questions that arise in mother’s mind regarding the new baby.
  • Do not make mother and child’s room as the drawing room. Many relatives will come to greet and see the new born baby. These relatives may be very close. Once they meet the mother and child for five minutes, the mother or the mother in law should in very polite and soft manner say that, let’s go and sit out and thus take guests out from that room. The mother or the mother in law should take care that both mother and the child gets enough privacy and quiet atmosphere. The mother may not be able to say anything to the guests but it’s the duty of the mother or the mother in law to understand her need and requirement.
  • They should have positive conversation with the mother, appreciate mother’s efforts for breast feeding and also when the child is sleeping, have some conversation regarding social or auspicious events and thus try to make her stress free and in turn help in boosting her confidence.
  • The mother or the mother in law can tell the new mother in a better way about the right method of feeding the baby, the correct position of the baby, the correct position of the mother while feeding the baby etc.
  • Successful breast cannot be done without the support and help of the husband.
  • Because of the utmost affection of the husband, mother feels very happy in feeding the baby.
  • Husband can make the mother feel that by breast feeding the baby she is doing a wonderful work and also setting example for the other females of the society.
  • The mother sincerely appreciates husband’s efforts if he collects information regarding the breast feeding.
  • Husband can help in taking care of the baby and also in small chores so that the mother gets some rest.
  • If there is an older child, father can help the mother in taking care of the elder child.
  • Husband can appreciate the mother by boosting her morale and saying that she is taking great care of the little child.
  • He can let the family members know about the wonderful work the mother is doing by breast feeding the child.
  • Husband should not have any doubts on the wife regarding her ability of breast feeding the child.
  • In any case if the mother has to breast feed when she is out somewhere, then rather than feeling ashamed, he should help her if she requires it.
  • Husband should not talk loudly on the mobile phone or make noise or indulge in any of the habits like consuming alcohol or smoking in the room where mother and child are living.
  Sister in laws and sisters:
  • Only a blessed mother can have relations of sisters and sister in laws.
  • The sisters and sister in laws can be of great help and are highly important if the mother or the mother in law is not there in any case.
  • A younger sister or sister in law will do the work of the child with lot of enthusiasm.
  • If the elder sister in law or sister are experienced and they have kids, then they can very easily and nicely understand the need of the breast feeding mother and can give lot of examples and thereby increase the morale and self-confidence of the mother.
  • All these relations can surely create a lively atmosphere in the house and can have fun-frolic so that the mother’s stress is reduced.
  Friends and other experienced mothers:
  • The breast feeding mother should keep meeting and talking to her Friends and other experienced mothers. If it’s not possible to meet in person then she should be in contact through phone.
  • An experienced mother can be equivalent to a doctor. Many a times it happens that one has more faith on the best friend or a relative than the doctor.
  • A lady can share all her problems with the friend. She can discuss all the issues with the friend and a good friend is always ready to help the friend selflessly.
  Colostrum means easily digestible, pure, nutritious, infection free liquid which is the first liquid for the child and it is essential for the mental and physical growth and increases the immunity. Every mother who gives birth to the little one has been gifted with divine liquid and she should not waste the blessed liquid.   In these thousands of years, there have been lots of changes and revolution in the life of people, their life style, and luxuries and also in the relations but there has been not even slightest change in a mother’s milk. This is a universal fact.   After six months, when the mother starts giving other food items to the child, then she can add EBM to the food. By doing this the child starts having food faster. if the importance of breast milk has to be stated in one line, it can be aptly said, UNIQUE NUTRITION FOR UNIQUE HUMAN. Mother is giving breast feeding in proper manner but if she does not feel hungry then it can be said that she needs mental support. if of successful breast feeding is done, then in the initial three months every day the child’s weight increases by 25 to 30 grams and mother’s weight decreases by 25 to 30 grams.   the first feeding should be done within one hour or as soon as possible. A feeding baby passes 7 to 8 times urine in 24 hours and for three months his weight increases by 600 to 750 grams every month. If these conditions are fulfilled then understand that he is taking proper feed.   Whenever the child needs, in whatever quantity, immediately, which is not to be boiled is the God’s unique creation is breast milk. There is lot of contribution of husband, mother and mother in law, siblings of the new born baby in successful breast milk.    

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