The incident took place before four to five years. a child named AMAN was brought to my clinic by his mother JIGNABEN. AMAN’s problem was related to mental anxiety. I heard her quietly. His four year old son AMAN used to cry a lot when he went to school. She complained about that. After admitting AMAN in school, he cried a lot for a very long time. At this age when kids are supposed to go to school they cry a lot even though the school is very good because they suffer from insecurity. Same thing happened in AMAN’s case. Generally, many kids cry for 10 to 15 minutes and then they became quiet. But AMAN used to cry for almost an hour and did not play like other children in the school. AMAN’s teachers’ told these things to his mother. AMAN used to sit quietly in one corner and when I go after two hours to pick him, he would come out crying and shedding tears. Two months had passed after his admission but AMAN still kept on crying. He hasn’t changed at all. Today, I have come to you. Kindly help me. When JIGNABEN was narrating everything I could sense that there was pain in her voice and was also disturbed and worried. Based on my knowledge I gave her two three suggestions. After AMAN goes in the school, you sit there. Initially keep him for half an hour, then 45 minutes and then one and one and half hours. Gradually increase his habit. She immediately told that I have already done that. I want an address of good psychologist. I helped her and contacted a good child psychologist. I helped her and contacted good child psychologist. After that incident almost 6 months passed by. Even I had forgotten AMAN. One day when she came with AMAN because he was suffering from cough and cold. When I saw AMAN and his mother happy and gay I thought that psychologist must have given solution and the problem must have resolved. Still I could not resist and I asked about AMAN and how was everything at school with him. As soon as I asked this question, she got excited and told me that the psychologist was unable to find out the solution of my problem. One day I went to drop AMAN to his school but he cried a lot. So I did not feel like leaving him the school. So I felt that let me take him back. When we were returning back from school I saw that AMAN had become quiet. Then daily I sued to make AMAN ready, make him wear the uniform, give him water bag and used to go to school. We used to sit outside the school. AMAN used to see all the children going inside the school. We used to stand for 20 to 30 minutes and then come back home. After 2-3 days I felt I should take AMAN even when the school gets over. During that time AMAN saw that all the parents had come to pick their children. He saw the picking and dropping of children for seven days. And on the eighth day I was surprised to see that after everyone went inside, AMAN said, “Even I want to go inside and I don’t want to come back with you”. Now AMAN had got the self-confidence that all the children are picked from the school by their parents after a particular time period. May be there was programming of security in his mind. The programming of picking and dropping is going on probably with almost all kids and that I had understood well. After that AMAN has never cried and now even on holidays he wants to go to school. I could now understand from JIGNABEN’s talk that some work with children cannot be done forcefully or even after explaining them but can be done in a better manner if the programming is done in correct manner.

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