To live a good life, there are four pillars which should be strengthened. Family values in teenage, to remain calm in all situations, make new friends and maintain friendship and lastly to develop the art of making good relations with common people. Out of these, children tend to learn in their teenage from their parents. But the most important is making and developing good relations with common people. Some how parents ignore this thing or it just misses out of their mind. The people who are associated with us and who are the part of our lives like milkman, newspaperman, servant, cook, driver, washer man and all those who do specialized work for us are highly important and that is to be taught to our children. They should be aware of the fact that these people render services to us and make our lives smoother and better. For an ideal life Gandhiji has given 11 principles and out of these many principles are such that he himself has self-experienced. He has very well explained that these ‘common people’ without any ego or expectation live a very basic life and try and make the world a better place to live by serving the society endlessly. If our teenagers come in contact and make friendly relations with them then they can understand that instead of any caste, creed or religion we should be good and kind to these people. The company or relationship with common people. Teach them to stay on the start of the mountain. If you want to reach at the top of the mountain then the road starts from the bottom of the mountain. This practical knowledge can never be given by parents or any organization. From common people, kids can learn that there are certain work in life which are not done with hands or legs or brain. But are done from the bottom of the heart and at times it is important that they are done from the heart. Once the teenage is completed the mentality,, nature and attitude of the children can be well-understood by their behavior with the common people. Try and recollect the movie ‘LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI’. In that a girl seeks help of Sanjay Dutt in selecting her life partner. At that time Sanjay Dutt advises that you will be able to decide from the behavior of that boy with the waiter of the restaurant. The teenage children many a times get the chance to stay with common people or spend some good time with them. The way parents behave with the common people in the house, at work, during journey, shopping or restaurant leaves a huge impression on the minds of the teenagers. A common man is also a loving, caring and hard working person. If the kids happen to see ill-behavior of parents with common people like scolding them over petty issues, not giving due respect, cutting their salaries, insulting them or kicking them out of work. Then definitely they will also learn to behave in similar manner. But instead of that if the children see their parents giving due respect to common people, asking about their health, their children’s studies, their family’s well-being and in their good and bad times visiting their houses and giving them pleasant surprises, then definitely the kids will learn to do something better than their parents. This will definitely give positive vibes and signals to the brain and heart.   Whenever President Barack Obama used to go for meetings with the military forces, then he always used to have meal with the soldiers. HRITHIK ROSHAN’s father must have had similar thoughts in his mind and because of that during the shooting of ‘KAHO NA PYAR HAI’ he made arrangements of staying and eating of HRITHIK with the spot boy. PRIHVI RAJ KAPOOR had given amazing education and training to all three of his sons regarding the common people. RAJKAPOOR use to have very good relations with a shoemaker outside AHMEDABAD railway station and also showed good gestures towards him and that was the example for many teenagers. We can definitely say that the message of his movies and the inner voice was meant especially for common man. If a teenager learns how to behave and live with the common man, then he or she will be able to learn easily the three things which were listed in the beginning of the article. And that would definitely open the doors of success in their family life as well as in work life.   [DIVYA BHASKAR 11 November 2015]  

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