failure – a new beginning
  In 1974 a Hindi movie named ‘Imtihaan’ was released. There was a beautiful song in the movie, ‘rukjaana nahi tu kabhi haarke, kantope chalke milenge saaye bahaarke’….. And this gave a beautiful social message to the teenage children that because of any failure in life you should never stop. In this challenging situation of life you should do that much hard work that even the Sun has to bow down before you. The results of 10th and 12th standards have been declared. Gradually the results of commerce, science and arts faculties are also being declared. Many students have excelled and have got good percentages. Interviews have been taken that how did they achieve the success and along with their photographs the interviews are being showcased in various social medias. In their houses there is lot of joy, happiness and also celebrations. But many children have not got the expected results. In their houses no one is happy and no celebrations are taking place. No relatives or friend circles call to ask what the result was. Such kids and their parents feel that their entire life was in vain and has turned out to be unsuccessful. Now let us see an astonishing survey. It is being observed that 9 out of 10 people who have been highly famous and successful in the world have been unsuccessful in their studies. This is an unbelievable fact that at some point of time 9 out of 10 people have faced some or the other issues in their academic career and had to face serious failures. Actually, many people face the issues in studying and gathering knowledge, but then what is the reason behind the fact that out of those failures few of them become highly successful in their life? This the message that I want to give to the teenagers who have not achieved good result in their examination and are also feeling sad and depressed. From the failure or success in one examination, it cannot be judged or measured that the entire life will be a failure or success. It is just the part of life. Not the entire life. Failure is because of certain reasons, in certain standard, in certain time period or because of certain situations. There is no need to connect it to the entire life. If you have got less percentage then take admission in particular field or institution and start working hard with complete dedication and perseverance. Those who can digest their failure, learn from their mistakes and promise their own self that such mistakes would never ever happen in life again can achieve lot of success in future. If they put all of their efforts and energy into the opportunity they have got, then the time and situation will change and they will be able to reach to newer heights of success. The students who have failed in their academic career and got less grades should always remember one thing in life that they should never get deterred because of failure and should keep making efforts then they will definitely get immense success in every test of life. Don’t get depressed with the thought that the successful children are being noticed by the society. But instead be positive that the unsuccessful children have received one more chance to know the society better. I told you earlier those 9 out of 10 children who had failed in the walk of life must have felt low but they never let their morale down and tried harder and harder and became world famous. They also learned from their own mistakes and never repeated the same in life. It is just that god may not be willing to gift success to those kids at that particular point of time. But they have to wait, be patient and try harder and then almighty will gift them the fruits of success. Thus, the children who haven’t succeeded should never take failure as the end of life or full stop. They should rather accept the failure and with newer techniques and newer force should take up the new path. If one has got a golden opportunity and works with complete dedication and enthusiasm then will come out with flying colors and reach to the highest point of success. Winners never leave the battlefield and those who come in the battle field with the fear of losing, they will never win. The parents whose child has not been successful also have a new responsibility of taking care of the child and that they should do with complete faith, love and care. The batsman who has scored century in a match hasn’t scored four or sixes on every ball. In the inning he might have faced dot balls too. But still his entire inning is taken into consideration. Once upon a time, ex-cricketer Virendra Sehwag’s batting performance was miserable and at that point of time he felt that the cricket within him is dying. At that time he told to our cricket team’s coach GERY KURTSEN that give some other player chance to play instead of me! That time GERY KURTSEN advised him to concentrate on balls instead of runs and gave him the challenge of facing 100 balls in the next match. In that inning Virendra Sehwag made 126 runs from 101 balls. Thus, the winners never consider failure or defeat to be the end of life. But they learn from their mistakes and move ahead with different technique perspective. ‘Failure is the step towards success’. This sentence which was told by Abraham Lincoln before almost 155 years should be remembered by teenagers at every stage of their life.

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