His name is RAKESHBHAI PATEL. By profession he is a math teacher. It was winter of 2009. RAKESHBHAI’s eleven year old daughter ZEEL was admitted in my hospital for the treatment of pneumonia. When his daughter was admitted for five days in my hospital, I got to learn a new thing from him.  One day I went to see his daughter in her room. At that time I felt he was asking tables to his daughter. Her methodology of making her learn tables was different and I got interested and asked him what the methodology was. So I requested them to continue with the same. His way of teaching tables was unique. The child would get fun out of it, also there was no need to think much and the child could learn without any stress. He used to speak the answers of the tables 11 to 20. His daughter had to tell that the answer falls in which table and where. For instance, he spoke 126. Now his daughter had to think in which table 126 comes and where. If the number used to come in two tables, he used to tell that. 126 comes in two tables- 14*9 and 18*7. He told me that when a number is told, the child should immediately know that it falls in so and so table and at this place. If 144 is spoken and it immediately strikes in the child’s brain that 16*9 and 18*8 is 144, then nobody can stop this child from getting 90 out of 100 marks in the examination. Currently it is happening that the child reads number 133 in the paper. But they don’t remember that 133 number comes in which table and which place. Then they try to divide by 3 and 7? But by doing this they waste lot of time and also there are chances of mistake. But if they see 133 number, it should immediately strike in their mind 19*7 is equal to 133. Then they would be able to do the sum correctly and quickly and also this would boost their self confidence. At times it also happens that if we ask the children to speak all the tables from 11 to 20, then they will fluently speak all the tables but if we ask that a particular number falls where then they many a times do not know the answer. If the parents spare only 5 to 10 minutes daily, while playing with them or while going out in the car, then within six months the child will get through that and would be able to learn the tables. Whatever RAKESHBHAI was saying was cent percent correct and felt that our children should also follow. Now a days everyone has mobile phones. Whenever there is requirement, they will open the calculator application and get the answer. The kids are also used to this. But the parents should never forget that the knowledge of tables is the base of learning and also utmost important. If the child is having complete knowledge of this then the child will definitely progress a lot in his or her life  

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