Before sometime my writer friend was talking about his daughters. His elder daughter has gone to foreign land for pursuing higher education. He said that I had to once give speech in English. It became difficult for me. My elder daughter immediately gave a suggestion that daddy talk the younger sister in English because she is studying in English medium school. You sit and teacher her something and try and start translating your write ups in English. In just few seconds a daughter gave solution to her father. Actually, only daughters think best about their fathers because daughter always knows father’s weaknesses. A daughter can peep deep inside her father’s heart. In this relationship, there is a beautiful way of communication even if there is silence. Only a daughter knows how to convert her father’s tears into smiles. A daughter is highly concerned that how her father should look in front of the world and people and how will be his personality?   Before sometime I got an SMS that never consider your daughter tension because she is actually equal to ten sons. When the daughter is small and roams around in the house wearing PAYAL[anklets] then the atmosphere becomes lively with the melodious sound coming out of the anklets. A father and daughter are best friends who always feel like giving away everything and there is no selfishness in that. If a daughter gets angry on her father, then also there is lot of love hidden in her anger. Even if the a dad is angry because of some reason on his daughter, just a smile on her face melts his heart completely. Every daughter wishes that her father comes home early and eagerly waits for him. If in case her father is late, she will immediately start questioning him. In 1968, in Hindi movie TAKDEER there was a song…Papa ghar jaldi aana. In this song it is beautifully described how the daughter awaits for her father. Once a daughter was asked, do you like your father? And she replied I like evening more than my father because my daddy brings only toys for me but evening actually brings my daddy home. There is one thing common between a father and a daughter, they both love their own dolls. When the daughter reaches teenage, suddenly she gives more and more comments to her father. You come home very late, you dress properly, you should change your style of communication etc. actually, father also loves all these comments given by his daughter and also his love for his daughter manifolds. For a father, daughter is like a spring season for the entire house and also for his heart, soul and breath. As time passes the love between father and daughter increases because there are no expectations from each other. Initially he listens to his wife only but as the daughter grows up he has to listen to his daughter also. When the daughter is in the teenage, her father should become her friend. If a father wants to inculcate good values in the daughter, then teenage is the best age. If the daughter is in the house and still the father does not behave in good terms then that is called a tragedy. And by the time, father realizes his mistake and feels sorry for that, it might get too late as the daughter might not be in the house. Daughter is the eternal gift given to parents by God. Why a daughter loves her father the most? Because she knows that he is the only man in the world who will never hurt her. Famous writer SHRI CHANDRAKANT  BAKSHI has written that ‘A relationship of father and daughter is filled with unique bonding. Whenever a daughter comes to her father feels that let me give her loads of things and happiness but instead when the daughter is gone, he feels that she has given him immense happiness. The creator of this beautiful nature has also filled limitless love in this relationship. Once India’s ex-prime minister JAWAHARLAL NEHRU had said INDIRA GANDHI had gained so much knowledge in her teenage regarding politics and political issues that I used to enjoy having discussions with her. Though a daughter is one generation younger to her father, but still she brings about a lot of change in her father. One renowned industrialist had written in his autobiography that my daughter after her 10th standard board exams, started coming to my office in her vacations. In just few days she completely arranged her father’s office which was a mess and was also unorganized. Till the time she completed studies, she got complete knowledge and understanding of the business tactics. After some time I realized that the amount of work I did in 30 years, she completed in just 5 hours. Several times, the mother has sweet complaint for the daughter. I took good care in her upbringing but now she loves her father more. When you need just one flower in the house, the daughter acts as the spring season. The above mentioned writer was also saying, if for a week I am not able to talk to my daughter then I get several negative thoughts in my mind. I become restless till the time I don’t share with her everything that has happened with me in one week. The title for this article is take from the beautiful song of MANHAR UDHAAS….. DIKRI MARI LADAKWAAI LAXMI NO AVTAAR…my loving daughter who is the incarnation of Goddess LAXMI. If a father wants to listen to this song completely, then he should be having strong heart. A father questioned his own daughter, to whom will you love more? The daughter gave a wonderful answer, ‘I don’t know really but when I will see you, I will forget him and when I will see him I will remember you. Poet BOTADKAR has rightly written, Daughter is like a cloud in the sky. Goddess of the heaven. You adore her for a while and then she flies away like a bird. When the daughter enters adulthood, and father has to send her to husband’s house, at that time the tears of a father freeze completely for his ocean of love. Someone has rightly said that I SUN had a daughter in his house, then he would have understand what do you mean by darkness.   [September fourth week is considered as ‘World daughters week and 10th January is world daughter’s day]          

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