After the child’s birth mother should start breast feeding the child within on hour. If mother gives only breast milk to the child for 6 months then it is highly beneficial for both the child and mother. Here, I am writing the crux of the knowledge that I have grabbed after talking to numerous mothers of different age groups and social circle so that breast feeding can be successful and stress free for the mother. If we take the first alphabet of the words like music, oral fluids, talk, hobby, exercise and reading then a new word is formed called ‘mother’. Let’s understand every word in detail.
Music definitely reduces the fear and stress of delivery. In many hospitals during the delivery, light music is being played. Music doesn’t reduce the pain of delivery but actually it increases the strength to bear the pain. We can definitely say that if the breast feeding mother or mother giving Kangaroo care listens to light and soothing music for at least five minutes, then the quantity of breast milk increases. If a child is born with some problem or deficiency and is kept in ICU after birth, then some light music and pictures of cute and beautiful babies are kept in mother’s room, then surely that brings positive thoughts. Though the child is not with the mother but the positive thoughts in mother helps to increase the quantity of EBM. This EBM or expressed breast milk is very helpful for the child. Some specific songs, lullaby and the warm touch soothify the child and makes the child calm and also forgets pain for sometime.
The breast feeding mother should take her favourite fluid or drink in good quantity. If it is possible then before 5 minutes of breast feeding, the mother should take on glass of any liquid like juice, soup, buttermilk, milk or else water. The adequate quantity of fluids will help the breast feeding mother to get rid of fatigue, headache, weakness etc. those mothers who are suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting in the summer season or who are giving EBM should not forget to take ample liquids. Its not that if anyone takes more liquids she will get more amount of breast milk. But mother would be fresh, feel light if she takes more liquids she will be less tired. She will not suffer from urinary infection or constipation.
Whenever the baby is asleep the breast feeding mother should talk to her family members, neighbours of friends over the phone or personally for 15 to 20 minutes. If the breast feeding mother listens to others, their problems then she can handle and bear her difficulties in better manner. To take up this period of her life in positive manner, she should meet other people. It is very important to talk to others. The mother will be benefited if she talks to the experiences of other experienced mothers. It is beneficial to the mothers who have delivered their first child.
Mother can create positive vibes and energy within herself if she does her favourite hobby like listening to music, reading, painting, walking etc. if she does only for few minutes also it is highly helpful. The new mother can do all her responsibilities very efficiently if she takes out little time for her hobby which she has been pursuing since many years.
According to the GYNAECOLOGIST, light exercises, yogasan or praanayam can be done after 3 weeks of delivery. But before starting anything, it is compulsory to take advise of the GYNAECOLOGIST. The light exercises increases the amount of oxytocin which are also known as love hormone in the mother’s body. This hormone secretion helps in the bringing the mother back is shape and also reduces anxiety, fear and stress of mother.
Reading of magazines, daily newspaper and religious books help in creation of new thoughts. Mother can take care of her problems and difficulties easily. Thus every mother, should try and do those things which are possible from ‘M-O-T-H-E-R’ and make this period memorable and filled with fun and happiness. And then she will be able to successfully breast feed the baby. Then her child will not require OTHER thing other than the breast milk.

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