It was the August month of 2004. It was raining cats and dogs and I got a call to see a new born baby. The lady who had delivered the baby was South Indian. Her husband was the professor of a reputed college of Ahmedabad. Their age might be almost 29 to 30 years. Her husband had certainly questions regarding the labour pain. Gynecologist of NANDAN maternity home situated at SUBHASH CHOWK  in MEMNAGAR had very beautifully explained everything and had solved their queries. They did not have any anxiety any more. Mother gave birth to the child through normal delivery. When the mother heard the first cry of the child she got a big smile on her face and also felt contented. This is the moment when the mother forgets all her labour pain or any other difficulties of life and feels immense happiness. After examining the child completely, I got the chance to meet the other Family members. I met the head of the family who was a South Indian. He had great personality, was soft spoken and kind. He had such an aura within him that anyone could be mesmerized. I then got the chance to meet this newly became parents for three days. In the initial days there are end number of questions in the mind of parents and relatives pertaining to the new born child. With regards to breast feeding also there is anxiety in their minds. Here the child’s parents and grandparents were gentle and cooperative. When the relatives have complete faith and trust on the doctor, then the doctor also enjoys working with them. Rather the doctor feels the urge to share something new with them. After that they came with the child at my clinic thrice in the first month. In the waiting room of the hospital also, they used to follow all the rules like the other patients. The grandparents of the child use to soothe the child when the little one cries. I remember the way they used to thank me after the check up of the child. After a month the mother had called me to say thank you and also to get answers for some queries. She was going to leave for her native place, BANGLORE. Almost three months had passed away. One day, the nurse of that maternity home where the child was born had come to show her own child. During our conversation, we happened to talk about that South Indian family. She told me that the grandfather of the child who was soft and gentle whom I met was the retired governor of RESERVE BANK OF INDIA. Child’s mother was his daughter in law. Mother’s father was also on a higher post in KARNATAKA STATE. Her father and father-in-law both were on such a senior level but she never uttered a word about it. Neither did she give any reference any time. We got to know about them from their car and the details they had to share with the maternity home for the birth certificate. Whatever might be the status of the person, we as a doctor try to explain all the details to the patients with complete dedication. Here in AHMEDABAD patients relatives are habituated to give references of people even while conversing over small things. We are very much used to this kind of behavior. I just remembered an episode. Once a patient’s relative had to wait for five minutes extra than the time given for the appointment. He almost fought and argued with the hospital saying that his uncle was working in the ZILLA PANCHAYAT office. People act weird at times!    

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