Smit Yogeshbhai Madlani as per his name he always used to wear a beautiful smile, he was a good in studies as well as general knowledge and sports. Smit is a brilliant example of how a child can be good in studies as well as in other activities. He was born in 1998 and from that time I know his parents. Now a day almost every parent spends a lot of money on their kids. They also put their energy. But only few parents give time. For Smit’s overall development mother Rinalben and father Yogeshbhai have dedicated lot of time. A child comes out with flying colours, when the child gets parents’ attention, time and also immense love. They became highly successful in future. Smit’s parents nurtured a habit of setting of higher goals in Smit. His parents taught him that when you keep high goals, there would be many difficulties, and you should know how to clear them and achieve success. From childhood whenever Smit was asked any question, he used to give the answer beautifully. The success story of Smit started in 2001. Out of 500 kids of about 3 to 4 years, Smit was selected as model in bell ceramic. As Smit started growing up, he got attracted to the numerous books. The habit of reading and gathering knowledge was getting cultivated. Kids always follow the parents. Many things in life cannot be taught by coaching class or a separate tutor. Smit followed the habit of reading of his parents. Whenever there was a competition or discussion on general knowledge, Smit used to be a topper. When he was in eighth standard his knowledge regarding country and world was almost equivalent to any college student. Because of the passion and hard work of his, on 8th November 2013, Smit was selected for Amitabh Bachhan’s ‘kaun banega crorepati’ programme from his school DPS Bopal.  There were several intelligent and genius participants from different schools of the country and to get selected for this programme after defeating all of them were like winning a gold medal in the Olympic. Whoever has seen the programme will agree with me that even after getting selected; it is highly difficult to reach to the hot seat kept in front of Bachhan sir. It is a fact that if one has strong will power he or she can even conquer the Himalayas. When he was conversing or was giving answers to Amitabhji, he was very calm, comfort and brave. Out of 16 rounds, Smit reached to 11 rounds and gave answers to all the questions very confidently. It was an inspiration for many. The urge to know newer things and grab knowledge helped Smit to reach 2012 Bournvita contest, 2013 KBC, 2014 TATA quiz, 2015 RBI quiz. He has bagged victory after clearing the tough levels like the ABHIMANYU QUIZ COMPETITION. The way sweet fragrance of a rose spreads in all the directions similarly along with G.K, Smit is also very good in sports. After playing football, running and long jump in his school, Smit had won several gold medals and silver medals at the state level. He has numerous awards and medals at the age of 18. I have learnt a beautiful lesson from Smit’s parents. If parents take out time from their profession and spend that time in the upbringing and development of the child then it is never wasted. Any success that a child gets in life is not because of one or two days of hard work but it is the result of continuous dedication, support and hard work. It helps them to reach to the mountain peak. From Smit I have also learnt that a student should always keep himself updated with the current affairs of the world in various aspects and be confident in the studies. In his interview on radio FM, on November 10 2013 Smit gave a very beautiful message to all the students. He advises them to keep their general knowledge updated by reading the news in the newspaper. He also explained the importance of it. In March 2016, Smit will give his 12th final exam and he wants to pursue law and make a career in it. Last he had come to me because he was suffering from cold and cough. At that time he asked, ‘till what age can I come to take medicines from you’? And I replied, ‘you can come to me even if you do not have any problem. Whenever I meet you I get the chance to learn something new from you. All the best and keep it up’.  

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