YASH was twelve years old child and was very naughty and restless. He was being loved, pampered and raised in the joint family comprising of grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts etc. since childhood he had got habit of sucking the thumb. He also disliked this habit of sucking the thumb. But YASH used to say that unconsciously his thumb got into his mouth and I don’t realize that. I feel highly embarrassed when at times I am in a public place and my thumb goes into my mouth. It turns out to be a very shameful and awkward situation for me. Even I hate that. In medical terminology he possessed the symptoms of a hyper active child. His parents had tried different types of remedies. They also showed to a child psychiatrist. They tried to convince him with love and also tried to bribe him. But nothing worked. As if he had become prone to all that. This is a kind of psychological habit and hence medical science does not have any specific treatment or 100 % for this. YASH’s parents had also tried some AYURVEDIC and HOMEOPATHIC treatments and medicines. Somebody advised that keep him busy. So they enrolled YASH into tennis academy. YASH started playing tennis very well. But once he used to come back home and get some free time, he used to start sucking his thumb. In his school and his society, his friends used to tease him by calling him “sucking boy”. Because of his weird habit, his parents hesitated to send him to relative’s house or for trekking camp in his vacations. YASH himself wished and longed to get rid of this habit. One day as if a miracle happened and YASH got free from this habit within three days. One night after dinner everyone was sitting in the drawing room and relaxing. In order to tease YASH, YASH’s grandmother put her thumb in her mouth and said, “Look! When YASH sucks his thumb he looks like this”. Then his uncle did the same thing and after that his father repeated and showed him that while sucking the thumb he looked like this. YASH felt terribly ashamed when his four year cousin also imitated YASH and showed him how he looked. YASH felt too ashamed while sitting among all his family members. He could not bear this pathetic condition of his when everyone laughed at him. His first reaction was that he became very angry and started hitting everyone but later he cried a lot. Next day he felt sad from the bottom of his heart. It was very difficult for him but still he held his thumb tight in his fist and did not put his thumb in his mouth. Third day he did not find that much difficult and could stop himself from putting his thumb inside the mouth. Now he had developed self control. In one of the book of SHIV KHERA a similar message was given. ‘Winners do not do different work but they do work differently’.

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