It was just before CHRISTMAS-may be just a day or two before CHRISTMAS. On my table a beautiful gift-packed box of chocolates was lying which was given to me by Pharmaceutical Company. I just forgot to hide the box before the patients started coming inside my consulting room. A seven year old child entered the room with his parents and his eyes fell on the gift box. I immediately opened the box and gave a chocolate to the child. I was surprised to see that the child refused to take the chocolate. A child always gets tempted to have chocolate from a fancy and colourful box. But his father told with lot of confidence, “he will not take the chocolate. On 30th when we will give him chocolates he will take”. Now I got inquisitive that why the child will not take chocolate and why he will only take on the specific that his father told. They taught me a wonderful lesson. He told, “We have kept a chocolate day for our child. We never keep chocolates in our house. If anybody who comes from foreign country brings chocolates, then we distribute them among poor people by our hands. On the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month we have chocolate day. I or his mother take him to a parlor or mall. Even if we are too busy and then buy a good quality branded chocolate for him. Even though it is expensive we buy that. We have never bought those colourful toffees which are not of good quality. He never eats those colourful and less quality chocolates. In the school also if chocolate is distributed, he never eats it but instead of that he brings it our home. He knows that after every 10 days my parents are going to buy chocolates for me. If we go to someone’s house and he is offered chocolates, he does not get tempted. We have never given him the bribe of anything in order to get a work done from him. He does not get carried away with those bribes. At times on 18th or 28th, he reminds us saying that dad do you remember the work to be done on 20th. We also never break our promise. On 20th if we have lot of work then also we manage to take him late and keep our promise. We have never told him that today it is not possible and we will buy on 21st.” Such a wonderful training is given to the little one. The path that you show to your kid, the child will further move on that direction only. If from childhood their minds are nurtured in a particular manner then they will move ahead in that way only. Also they know that it is not that we will not get that thing but rather we will get it on the decided time and also in proper manner and our parents will buy it for us. They will never have negative thoughts and gradually all his wants and requirements will be demanded in proper disciplined manner. The stress of parents will also not increase. Even if a need arises to say no, he will understand and will never became cranky. And also keep that in mind that if you keep chocolates in your house and expect that children do not ask for the same then this is not correct. None of the family member should cultivate the habit of bribing or convincing the child with the chocolates.

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