Mrs. Sujataben Jay Rawal My child was born on 26-01-2016. Child’s weight was only 1.8 kgs. By giving EBM, Kanagroo care and only breast feeding, today on 10-03-2016 child’s weight is 2.8 kgs Mrs. DhwanibenMaulik Acharya The weight of my child on the birth [12-02-2016] was 2.1 kgs. The baby at the birth was so tiny that it was too difficult to hold. By following Kangaroo Care giving only breast milk and following all the instructions of the doctor regarding the breast feeding, my child’s weight as per today[20-03-2016 is 3.1 kgs]. The baby is healthy and very active. I give advice to all the mothers that do not worry if the weight of the baby is less. Do not take stress for the less weight. Mrs. Joyti Prakash Jain My child’s weight was only 1.6 kgs at the time of birth [23-12-2015]. After Kangaroo care, EBM and as per the advice of the doctor i made my child sleep on the stomach patted the child well. This has helped my child and today [20-02-2016 my child’s weight is 3.8 kgs and takes only breast milk. For the first month along with breast milk, EBM and outside milk had to be given. Mrs. Bhavanaben Desai When my child was born its weight was 2.5 kgs. After following doctor’s advice regarding how to take care of the baby and just gave my breast milk to the baby, its weight reached almost 4 kgs in just one and a half month. The baby doesn’t cry much and sleeps properly. I request all the mothers to give only breast milk to the child. Mrs. Diksha Shah I am Diksha shah. After giving birth to my daughter, I followed all the instructions and advice of the doctor and started immediately feeding her with my breast milk. I continued to give breast milk for 6 months. Because of this, my daughter Panthini’s health is very good. After 6 months I started giving her other food items. I gave her breast milk till 2 years. Hence there was good mental and physical development. So I give an important advice to all the mothers that for six months give only breast milk and after that even if you are giving other food items, continue giving breast milk for almost two years.          


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