Smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol are some of the addiction which if parents have; they immediately or on long run create side effects which the innocent kids have to bear. In our society, the men smoke more than the women. Whenever the parents smoke in the house, car or closed rooms they pass on the smoke to their kids making them passive smokers. Thus, it can be said that even kids have done the smoking [passive smoking]. In kids also immediate or long run side effects can be seen. When the pregnant woman smokes then the poisonous substances like nicotine and carbon monoxide is absorbed by the blood of the mother and gets into the baby growing in the womb. Because of mother’s smoking habit sometimes the baby dies in the womb, there is premature delivery and even underweight babies are born. The new born babies many a times are born with difficulty in breathing and lungs disorder diseases. The lungs of the babies from birth till two years are not completely developed and may not be ready to work on their own. During this period if the person who is in constant contact of the child and is indulged in smoking, then the child may develop problems of asthma, breathing, cough and cold, different allergies etc. Because of passive smoking the child’s immunity level also goes down and because of the infection in ears, pneumonia and the mengicoccal infections are seen in the kids. The parents who have been smoking are passing on several side effects to the kids which can lead to slow poison there by causing death. More than 70 poisonous toxins including nicotine and carbon monoxide can be found on the skin, hair and clothes of the people who smoke. When these people lift the infants to play with them, then they pass on these toxins onto the innocent children. Because of these poisonous toxins on long term children develop many side effects and in their teen age they are prone to physical problems like Asthma, Eczema, genetic disorders, cancers like LEUKEMIA and LYMPH, problems of spinal cord, liver and urinary tract. The possibility of any type of cancer in the kids whose parents have the habit of smoking is 35% more than kids whose parents do not smoke. The children whose parents are addicted [smoking, alcohol, chewing tobacco] have many mental issues like ADHD, problems of reading, speaking, writing and thinking on the long run. These children tend to get addicted very fast. Almost many houses where either of the parent has addiction face financial crunch and because of that there are fights and arguments constantly in the house and hence the mental capacity of the child does not increase. These children do not many good friends. These kids can get onto drugs very fast. Because of the addicted parents many a times it happens that the kids are not socially acceptable by many social groups. Hence, they suffer from insecurity, negativity and inferiority complex. The ratio of divorce among the addicted parents is more. Moreover, the possibility of sudden death of the addicted parents is more and hence their kids are forced to live life of orphans. The addicted person’s child compares his or her parents with the parents of his or her friends who do not have any sort of addiction and feel inferior and sorry for his or her situation. The addicted parents have to make a choice that whether they want their children to take care of their parents ill health like cancer of tongue, acid formation in stomach, asthma in lungs, cancer of lungs or amputated hands, legs because of Gagarin or paralytic body and spoil the future of their kids or they want to leave addiction at the correct time and help their children to have better and bright future and be a successful human being. In our Indian society, a child can never live a social life after neglecting his or her parents who are suffering or are in pain. The addicted parents should understand that one end that he is playing with fire and is foolish to spoil the beautiful life. They don’t have any right to give their children a dark future and debt of lakh of rupees as gift. Good tuitions, admission in good school and good insurance policies are less important than freedom from any kind of addiction. The parents should give a healthy life to the children and to the future generation. It is precious and priceless gift the parents can give.

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