For successful breastfeeding, mother should be imparted knowledge regarding breast feeding during pregnancy
  • After delivery mother gets very tired. Plus, on the first day there are many relatives and visitors and hence mother is unable to give attention to doctor’s instructions and also in feeding the baby. Hence, the information regarding feeding and its importance should be explained during pregnancy.
  • Mother should clear the queries and doubts regarding breast feeding by meeting the gynecologist or a pediatrician.
  • After getting information from professional, mother will be rest assured and need not believe in the talks of relatives regarding breast feeding after the delivery.
  • If it’s possible, try and fetch information from a mother who has delivered baby few months or a year back. That will give a good clarity.
  • During pregnancy get the nipples checked from a gynecologist and if there is any problem, for instance the nipple is inverted, large or cracked nipple, then beforehand one should get information of how to do breast feeding after the delivery of the child.
  • When parents are already having a child and the second child is expected, then how to take care of the first and what changes should be brought in the upbringing of the first child and how to answer the doubts of the first child regarding the birth of second baby. All these things should be well understood from a child specialist or from a psychologist.
  • Thus, Antenatal counseling helps a mother in giving successful breast feeding and the first six months after delivery passes very smoothly.
  • The best time for getting antenatal counseling is the last three months of pregnancy.
Mother’s milk is the base of healthy life. Mother’s milk helps the child to grow in a better way.    

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