In the end read some good and light experiences of my and my pediatrician friends with their child patients and become light and end the journey of reading the book. *Whenever the child is asked, ‘show your tongue’ at that time if you happen to look at the relatives of the child who have come along, they also tend to take out little bit of tongue. *One of my pediatrician friends went to pick his child from the school. Some children who were playing in the play area started crying. They regularly used to go to the doctor. Seeing them crying, few other children also started crying. Later on the management of the school very politely told the doctor, please do not come all the way inside the school. *A child’s aunt got engaged with a guy whose name was same as his doctor. His uncle gave him bribes of chocolate, biscuits and tried all other tactics but still the child was hesitant to look into the uncle’s eyes. May be he had prejudice for the people having similar names of his doctor. *Once a patient named RAVI had to go come again to show in the span of 2 to 3 days to a doctor. Doctor very casually asked, RAVI again? At that very moment the relative of the patient sarcastically commented, what to do sir? RAVI is your and mosquitoes hot favourite. *Some Sindhi people call honey as bee. So when a new pediatrician listens from the relatives of a Sindhi patient that we make him drink medicines with bee. You feel like you will faint. *One lady forgot the name of the medicine ‘CROCIN’ that is given to reduce fever. When the doctor asked her she said, sir, it was something like KEROSENE. *One doctor was talking over the phone with a child’s mother. But there was too much disturbance. Doctor asked the mother, “Does the child go to school”? And the mother replied, ‘yes! Child passes the stool.’ *One pediatrician had weak memory in remembering the faces of people. So once he asked one of the child’s fathers that, “have you come for the first time?” father gave a sharp answer. Sir, before 15 when you opened the clinic you used to charge 15 rupees and now you charge 250 rupees. I have always given the inflation in your fees. *When a child was leaving doctor’s cabin, the doctor said bye to the child. But the child did not respond. So his father said that whenever his father has to make payment, he does not say bye. *Doctor once asked for a three month old child that does the child smile? Patients’ relative got so excited that he replied, Arre! He not only smiles sir, but he talks. *Gradually the pediatrician gives regularly answers on the phone. After listening to his answers on the phone calls his wife has almost become half doctor. When the doctor asks the patients, what has happened? Are they loose motions? Then the wife who is not associated with the medicine stream would call her own child and says, “Now your father will make them write these medicines”. You will be surprised to know that many a times the guess made by the wife is correct. *Every father should get alert- once a child was accompanied by both father and mother. So the doctor looked at his father and asked what happened? The child’s mother immediately said, “Ask me, not to his father, he wouldn’t know. His father is a visiting father in the house”. [DIVYABHASKAR AUGUST 2011]  

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