In our medical profession, we tend to meet many new people almost every day. Amongst them we are harsh and tough to some of them- they are medical representative. We almost forget the precious services rendered by the medical representative. We give importance to our patients, other doctor friends, family friends and neglect our medical representative. Doctors learn about new researches and new medicines from them. Still they have to struggle to get doctor’s appointment. Even though there is extreme heat, cold or rain, they come to the doctors to show their company’s products. They have to bear pressure from all the sides. Above all this they spend hours in the waiting area of the hospital or clinic and the doctor just gives few minutes for meeting. Many a times it happens that they wait for couple of hours in the waiting area and when it’s their turn to meet the doctor, the doctor has to attend some emergency patient and they just get to hear one word ‘SORRY’. A medical representative after many years of hard work and struggle had reached to a higher level shared with me his experiences. A famous and renowned doctor of Mumbai always used to see his patients for the day and at the end of the day he use to meet medical representative.  If we happen to miss our last local train, then we had to return back home in a taxi and that money was not reimbursed by the company. We have to utilize two to three minutes given to us by the doctor in best the possible manner and showcase our company products. We have to convince them that they are the best and they should prescribe their company’s products to the patients. Many medical stores do not make timely payments. They even don’t get time to take their meal. And above all they have to listen from their family that they do not spend sufficient time with the family. Really, if you want to see peace, patience, ability to bear insult and still remain quiet and calm, then you see it in this profession and that also in medical representative. Some lucky medical representatives, have got job in banking sector or some other profession and they have succeeded in their new work because they have developed certain qualities within themselves. Because of my profession I am really able to make some really good friends and among them 3 to 4 are medical representatives. I sincerely enjoy their company and I learn many new things from them. To achieve goal by ignoring difficulties, keeping positive approach and persistent hard work without getting tired are the lessons which can be learnt from a medical representative.  

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