• Galactosemia
  • If the child has a cut on the lips or has a hole in the palate
  • Preterm child or child with very less weight [ the milk might get into the wind pipe if the swallowing capacity of the child is poor of has some problem in swallowing]
  • Mother is diagnosed with disease and is prescribed with treatment of Radioactive substances[GALLIUM 69, IODINE 125, IODINE 131, TECNETIUM 99 types of poisonous substances are harmful for child’s DNA]
  • Mother is infected with the virus named HTLV1 or HTLV2
  • Mother is infected with HIV virus or hepatitis C virus or mother is diagnosed hepatitis B surface antigen +ve and also she has cuts on her nipple.
  • If the mother’s body is affected by lead and if high quantity of lead is found in her body.
  • Some infection in the mother’s breast.
  • If mother is suffering from chicken pox and has some marks and boils of chicken pox on her breast.
  • Mother has been smoking or consuming alcohol for a very long time[Mother should leave both of these habits and if she continues both of these habits then, she should smoke or drink alcohol only after feeding the baby. She should breast feed the baby only two hours after smoking or consuming the alcohol.
  • Mother’s breast is infected by Herpis Simplex Virus.
  • Mother’s breast has infection or there are small boils on the breast from which watery fluid is coming out.
  • For some diagnosis, mother has taken only one doze of radioactive substance.
  • Do not breast feed the baby 20 minutes after giving ROTA Virus vaccination.
  • Mother should avoid medicines like BROMOCRYPTINE, ERGOTAMINE, AMPHETAMINE, LITHIUM, METHOTRAXATE etc. when she is breast feeding the child. If any of these medicines are consumed then it’s advisable to stop feeding for a day.
  Some myths that feeding should not be given because of the following reasons
  • Mother has given birth to child through caesarean or mother has undergone some major surgery then child should not be breast fed for 2-3 days. This belief is totally wrong. [After the mother comes out from the effect of anaesthesia and she is stable she should immediately feed the baby with her breast milk.
  • It’s the myth that the child should not be breast fed for few hours after the vaccine of polio drops [breast feeding can be done immediately after giving the polio drops]
  • One more myth that prevails in the society is that the mother cannot breast feed the child if she is suffering from typhoid, dengue, malaria, simple jaundice, diahhroe vomiting and pneumonia. If she is suffering from any of these and she is on her medicines then also she can breast feed the child.
  While taking medicines what precaution should the mother take?
  • Take medicines after breast feeding the baby
  • Try and avoid the combination medicines
  • Breast feeding mother should avoid excessive medicines like the medicines to increase urine[diuretics, Vitamin B6, the birth control pills containing Estrogen, excess of cough syrups, Lithium and also Aspirin containing medicines.
  • Simple antibiotics, paracetamol, Vitamin tablets in restricted quantity, simple dosage of anti-depression medicines, steroids, domperon for vomiting, Cetrizine for cold and allergy, medicines for hiccups, anticoagulant medicines to stop the flow of blood do not affect the quantity or formation of the breast milk. Mother can take any of these medicines without any stress or worry.
  In ancient times, lot of malpractices were done in order to harm the king or king’s family. The mother was given some special poison so that the infant dies after having the breast milk leaving the king without any heir. But the child would digest even the milk. Hence, breast milk is considered as elixir [AMRIT]. Putna, a female monster tried to kill lord Krishna when he was an infant. She plotted that she will feed the poisonous breast milk to Krishna. But Krishna enjoyed the breast milk. Nothing happened to him instead Krishna killed her with his sheer magical powers.     Once in a school, students were asked a question; who gives milk at your house? There were different answers like dairy person, bhaiya, powder milk. All these are medium of selling milk. But the real milk is given to the child by his or her mother. After the birth the first thing that a child has is the milk which runs as blood in the body for rest of his life.– Dr RAVINDRA PARIKH  

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