• Colostrum is the breast milk that comes out from the breast of the mother for first three to four days. This milk is thick, yellowish and sticky. Some people call it kheer, thaan or khiru. Some nurses and nursing ladies also use words like first milk, golden milk, golden liquid or immunity increasing milk for colostrum.
  • The first complete food that nature has given to a child is Colostrum. Colostrum is the combination of vitamins and nutrients that increase the physical and mental development. Colostrum does the amazing work of increasing the ability of the digestive system. Colostrum constitutes of more than 50 nutrients which are utmost essential for the child. After the birth, if the child sucks the nipples as fast as he or she can do and if possible in the first hour only then colostrum will start flowing out.
  • The intestines of the child are not efficient to digest outside milk. Colostrum is created for that only. The intestines of the infants can easily digest Colostrum.
  • For two to three days in the beginning the quantity of Colostrum is very less. Then how will the child get complete nutrition? Shall we give some additional outside milk? All these thoughts come up in the mind of the child’s relatives. Though the quantity of the Colostrum is less, it is sufficient for the child for two to three days. Hence there is no need to give outside milk to the new born baby. No one should make mistake of ignoring the precious gift of God given to human beings in the form of Colostrum by giving the outside milk.
  • Some people have a myth in their mind that the initial milk should not be given to the child.
  • Colostrum is highly helpful in taking out the black stool from the child’s body which is also known as Meconium in medical terminology. If the black stool comes out of the child’s body faster then there are less chances that the child suffers from physiological jaundice.
  • Colostrum protects the new born baby from the diseases and problems of breathing and intestines. The level of protein is more and level of fats is less in Colostrum. The white blood cells are also found in good number. It also has important immunoglobulins which protects the child from various allergies.
  • Thus, Colostrum is easily digestible, pure, nutritious, infection free and helpful in physical and mental development. None of the mother delivering the baby should ever waste the precious gift created by God. It is a beautiful creation of God.
  [DIVYA BHASKAR 24/09/2013]

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