One day, a mother and father were sitting in my consulting room with their new born baby. Just behind them an elderly was sitting who had come to get a certificate for hi grandson. He was listening to the conversation of the parents. Mother was telling about the problems she was facing while breast feeding the baby. Mother told that when relatives come and give certain statements, I get disturbed. Mother was actually right. Many a times the relatives come and give a statement, like your child is dark in colour. Your child has less hair. If we see at the neighbor’s child, the child smiles as if he is talking with us. Such negative statements creates lot of tensions in mother’s mind and she keeps on thinking about them while feeding the baby.   As our duty, we doctors explain the mothers that do not negative thoughts in your mind. But the negative thoughts do not stop even if we tell them not to bring to your mind. After listening to the mother, the elderly person sitting there interrupted. He took my permission and gave a suggestion to the mother. He told dear you take out five minutes everyday and jot down some positive note in your diary. When we try and search the positive thing from our daily routine and write down, then our mind will have habit of thinking about positive thoughts. So you have to write only positive thing. The result of Dadaji’s suggestion was unbelievable. After 15 days they come to me to show the child and at that time they shared their experiences with me. In the beginning there was not any change. But on fourth day I realized that out of all the incidents that happened during the day, I had to find only one positive thing. But to my surprise, there were series of positive things that had happened with me during the day. From that I had to write only one positive thing. Gradually everything that happened to me as good and positive. The quantity of breast milk also increased. My child was also satisfied and started staying happy. So if you start thinking about positive events or incidents on your life, then actually positive things start happening with us. Because whatever we think that happens with us. If we think positive, then positive things happen and if we think about negative things, that will happen in our lives because it is said that “thoughts turn into actions”.    

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