Before sometimes I met my successful Neuro surgeon friend. While we were chatting, he told me about his childhood days, when I was small, during UTTARAYAN, my father used to ask me to collect the entangled strings which were lying here and there or on the roads. I had to remove entangles and then make balls out of them. He is used to sell it for 10 paisa. Because of my childhood practices, I now do not get confused in opening entangles of brain and complete all the surgeries successfully. The topic might seem small but it conveys such an important message by parents. If the kids have to take some hardships in the childhood, then let them take those hardships. After immense hard work, the level at which the parents have reached, if you make the kids sit at that level directly, then it might happen that the kids will remain loser in many fields. If the parents give readymade kingdom, then they may not be able to safeguard it for a long time. The base and pillars of any beautiful and big building should always be strong. A child will grow into a successful human being if he is made to bear hardships and discomforts in the childhood. One of the best actors RAJKAPOORJI had also once narrated that in the period from 1935 to 1945 that is in his teenage he got the chance to roam around with his father PRITHIVIRAJ KAPOOR all over India with his theatre troop. Because at a very young age he had seen the real India, the state of Indian people and the rural India, it left a lasting effect on his mind and soul. Also he had seen his father PRITHIVIRAJ KAPOOR’s hard work, his deep involvement, when he did even the smallest character of drama and his behavior with the smallest person in the troop. If the kid is between 5 to 15 years of age and he or she is engaged in any extracurricular activity other than studies then let the child do what he or she is interested in for instance dance, sports, cooking etc. because at this age their thinking ability and creativity is at its best. Their brain is highly creative and to see their thoughts transforming into actions, they use their complete energy and capacity. Famous and great scientist MENDEL  who is considered as the father of modern genetics used to spend hours and hours with the father when he used to do experiments in the garden. He learnt in his childhood that if we cut the stem of the plants then we can get their improved quality. With this learning he did several experiments on pea plants. The famous scientist Newton who discovered the law of gravitation also did many experiments between 5 to 15 years of age. He used to lock himself in a room with toys having wheels and cars. The changes in the secretion happening during the age span brings in them little stubbornness, little naughtiness etc. and this is the best time of the life when they are completely stress-free. The experience they get at this time of the life is such that no school, college or management can teach them. If the child is willing to go to school by himself by bus or with other children in the school van then let them go. Don’t think that they will have to face difficulties and hardships and don’t hand over the keys of the vehicles or ask the driver to pick and drop the child. Lastly, a surgeon friend of mine told something worth listening and implementing in your child’s life. When in childhood we used to sit for 8 to 9 hours and used to separate cotton from cotton bolls continuously, I did not realize that in future it will help me to stand for 6 to 7 hours while doing the operation and surgeries. I never get bored, tired or exhausted. [February 2015- DIVYA BHASKAR]  

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