Some time back a social message was given by the character of Champaklal, Tapu’s grandfather of famous television serial ‘TARAK MEHTA KA ULTA CHASHMA’. According to him grandparents’ old age can be considered successful only if they get ample time to play-fight with their grandchildren. If the paternal grandparents or maternal grandparents get the chance to spend more and more time with their loving grandchildren, then it gives them eternal satisfaction. Actually the grandchild who gets the chance to play with his loving grandparents is luckier. The values and tradition which is not taught by parents or teachers are nurtured by the grandparents. Patience, calmness, quietness, compromise, generosity, politeness, the attitude of let go, respect elders etc. are the qualities which are generally not taught in the school but if they happen to live with their grandparents they are able to cultivate within themselves. When the parents come to the pediatrician they are highly stressed because of their work schedule and stressful life and always wish that the child recovers fast and hence ask us for antibiotics course or various tests. But if the children come with their grandparents they let the doctor do his job and are ready to wait for 3-4 days before getting the tests done. Grandparents are the complete package of life’s experiences and the memories of good and bad times. The experiences which they were not able to share with their children, they wish to pass it on to their grandchildren. One grandfather told that when I used to teach my son I used to get angry but now when I teach him everything and I don’t get angry at all. It’s the moral duty of every parent that instead of telling the loopholes and deficiency of the grandparents to the children, they should talk about their qualities. So that even children feel the urge of staying with their grandparents. The children of working parents and their grandparents can become best buddy and good friends. Even if the child pulls grandfather’s glasses or hair, he loves it. Children remember the playtime they had grandparents and also the fun and frolic they used to do with their old buddies for the lifetime. When the grandsons and granddaughters grow up and the grandparents are not in this world at that time they remember the old times and values inculcated in them and try to fill the absence of their grandparents. But it’s sad that today’s social scenario is changing. The old ages are filled with more and more grandparents and the grandchildren have to stay back with baby-sitters. Those working parents who keep their children away from grandparents, they earn a lot but simultaneously lose a lot. It is believed that if a person wants to stay young then he should spend more time with elderly people and kids. So if the old people and children live together then they can fulfill so many needs and wants of each other and can get each other’s love, compassion and warmth. [DIVYA BHASKAR-09/02/2016]

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