In normal condition if one gets success, then it is called achievement but if someone achieves success with numerous physical and mental challenges then this is history. Divya is 17 years old, and she is presently studying in 1st year arts (in January 2016) and her main subject is literature. Hitesh who is 20 years old is studying in the last semester of arts. His main subject is English. Mahesh is 23 years old and has completed his M.A with English as his main subject. At first glance, you must be feeling that what is so unique about knowing these names and also their educational qualifications. The uniqueness is that all of them are siblings and from birth only they are blind. When god closes one door, he always keeps the second door open. The only thing is that you should learn to search that particular door. All three of the siblings have well-accepted Helen keler’s famous statement and also applied in their life. Only those people can open the door of fortune and good luck who have accepted the closed door with smiling face. All three of them have done masters in music. The tales of their achievements and success which is inspiration for many, was first time published times of India in the year of 2009. With all the three of them I share the relationship of friendship rather than doctor-patient relationship. They reside in Ahmedabad. They live in the abacimama’s temple located in jadavnagar of MEMNAGAR area in the city. Father BHAGWATI PRASAD and mother KANCHANBEN chaubise were devotes of Maa amba. Whenever they came to me with some physical ailment then they would always recite a prayer. Divya who is youngest of all also writes poetries. She is waiting for the moment that a good publisher publishes her poetry collection. In the year 2002, a photographer was published in Gujarat Samachar in which the eldest brother was riding the bicycle and Divya was sitting in the front and Hitesh was sitting at the back. They were enjoying their bicycle ride. People were amazed to see this photograph and were wondering how can a blind boy control his bicycle and that also three of them were sitting on one bicycle. In 2002 the monthly publication of Ahmadabad medical association also an article was published on them. In 2010, in one of the program of Doordarshan, Divya and Hitesh read Braille so fast that viewers were amazed and they appreciated a lot. In the kankaria carnival of 2011, all of the brothers and sister sang beautifully and mesmerized the crowd. That time Shree Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat and he himself honored the awards. Their success stories are spread till Bhutan. In the year 2012, Divya won the first prize in the elocution competition held in Rajkot and telecast of the same year was done by Gujarati Doordarshan. Now, if I keep on writing about them and their success stories, then many pages will be full and that main point will be missed. I have met all of them several times in order to extend a helping hand but in return I have learnt lot of things fromthem. Also, I felt that I have got help from them. They have never seen life with a complaint. They have accepted whatever God has gifted them and tried to bring out the best from that. They always had a belief that we also can do all the things efficiently that others do. A normal human being who has been gifted with all the sense organs also fears that he or she might lose a competition. But all three brothers and sisters have never left any fight of life because of fear of getting defeated. Instead they have always got success. Its been highly inspiring that in their difficult journey of life they have come out with flying colours and have faced challenges with zeal, enthusiasm, courage and smile. Their way of living is inspiration for many. Once while talking with HITESH and MAHESH, I asked them, “are you able to see dreams?” and they answered, “from the shape of any object, we predict and visualize that how that object must be actually looking. After hearing about any incident we visualize and dream about that incident. Thus, we also dream.” They have loads of audio cassettes in their house, but if you go and pick one of them and ask what’s the name of the cassette, immediately HITESH and MAHESH will touch the cassette, feel the small scratch or damage on them and will give you the answer. ‘KISHORE KUMAR volume 3’. Currently HITESHBHAI is charging a very nominal token fee and teaches English language to almost 40 students of JADAVNAGAR in the AMBAJI MATA’s temple. They have downloaded a software called ‘JOSH’ in their smart phone and are using wats app by keeping the phone near their ears and try to keep  in touch with the world.. DIVYA had once shared through wats app a true success story of a lady who did not have hands and wanted to become a pilot. After lot of hard work and patience she became a pilot and also started working in ‘NASA’. And in the end it was written ‘Never complain about the difficulties of life, because the director {GOD} always gives the tough test roles to his best actors.  

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