It was almost August month of year 2000. My respected father had undergone knee replacement surgery. We doctors take out sufficient time for our patients or who so ever wants our help. But we are always in short of time for our family members. It becomes difficult to take out time for our family. As such after the first day after surgery passes out, then only post-operative care of the patient is to be taken and that was done very well by the staff of the hospital where the operation was done. But still I felt that this was the best period to spend some quality time with my father. I have my consulting in the morning and evening hours but for a few days I stretched my timings from 12 to 4 so that I could spend some time in the morning and some in the evening with my daddy. Initially for 2 to 3 days it became difficult for both me and my parents because the patients who were working parents faced difficulty in coming during this time. During this time I experienced that because of the change in my consulting hours, many child patients had to come with their grandparents. It was a new experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Parents always remain under constant stress because of their work, daily household responsibilities and when their child is suffering from illness, this is can be seen on their faces. Their stress and anxiety level can be understood from their questions like how fast will the child recover, if any tests have to be done please get it done, give an antibiotic so that the child recovers fast etc. At times, when the child’s fever rises up, we get phone calls either from mother or father. But this time I was supposed to work with grandparents and that was definitely a very different experience. They were very quiet and calm. They did not ask too many questions. They had complete faith in doctor’s treatment. They used to tell, “Doctor, kindly prescribe only those medicines which are required”. For any tests, they would get it done only after I instruct them. Even if they had to come for second time, they used to wear a smile on their face. Even if they had to wait for little longer duration for their turn to come, they never seem to be in a hurry. Looking at certain grandparents’ faces and smiles, we feel a sigh of relief in our heart. Here it’s not the fault of the parents but we can understand that their haste is because of the situation. But seriously I loved the compulsory meetings with the grandparents. I learnt from them, how work one can work with utmost peace. They are also worried about their grandchildren’s health. But they have seen several ups and downs in their entire lifetime so now they have learnt to deal peacefully with the problems. Then, even after my father became well, I changed my consulting timings. I have kept it from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. So that I get the chance to remain in contact and constant touch with the elderly persons. I have got several wonderful books as gifts from them. Many a times, I used to feel privileged whenever I heard the word ‘BETA’ meaning son from them.  I learnt many good things from them which are helpful for good living. If we want to do our work in best manner and with utmost mental peace then we should be in constant touch with some or the other elderly person.  

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