• After the delivery, try and give breast feeding within an hour.
  • First six months give only breast milk. No need to give water also.
  • For first two to three days, the milk would be thin and yellow in colour. It contains immense nutrients and antibodies. It is called Colostrum.
  • Mother’s milk is yellowish in colour because it contains Lacto globulin, Lactoblumine and kecinogen.
  • In the beginning, for 10 to 12 days no time table has to be followed for feeding the baby. Feed the baby as many times he or she wants. Repeatedly make the child do the sucking.
  • Child will get more milk, if he or she sucks the more.
  • Before feeding the child, mother should hold the breast with the hand and rub the nipple on the lower lip. Child will widen the mouth as if he or she is yawning. Mother should immediately place the nipple in child’s mouth. Confirm that child’s tongue is underneath and then gradually bring the baby close to you. Remember that the child has to be brought closer to the breast and breast is not to be taken close to the child.
  • If it’s possible, feed the baby in sitting posture. After sucking for 18 to 20 minutes on both the sides, the child gets satisfied. Almost 95% of the requirement of milk gets fulfilled in first 10 to 12 minutes. Rest 5 to 10% of requirement is fulfilled in another 5 to 7 minutes. After that if the child keeps on sucking and does not leave mother’s breast, then mother should put her finger in the mouth and slowly take the child away from the breast. If child has had milk through proper technique and is satisfied, so even if the child is taken away from the breast, he or she won’t cry and also if the child is again taken close to the breast he or she wouldn’t start sucking again. But if the technique is incorrect, then the child will cry if taken away from the breast and will also start sucking if brought closer one more time.
  • Don’t feed the baby while lying down.
  • Feed the baby from one breast. Once the milk of that breast gets over, then give it from the second breast. When you feed the baby again, start from the breast from which the feeding was not done. So that the milk of both the breasts gets emptied and child gets complete nutrition and also the chances of formation of cysts or accumulation of milk in the breast becomes rare.
  • Do not worry if the child is taking out some curd like fluid from the mouth. If the baby takes up more milk than the space in its stomach to hold, then curd like substance comes out. If possible then hold the child over the shoulder for one or two minutes and let it burp. So that the excess air from the stomach comes out and the child’s stomach has place to hold some more milk.
  • After breast feeding, hold the baby in your arms and let it rest on your shoulder for 10 to 12 minutes and keep rubbing or patting the child’s back. After that let the baby lie upside down on the bed.
  • In the initial days, even if the baby starts breast feeding, he or she will sleep in between. If the baby sleeps off, then gently rub baby’s ears or back and tickle the feet and toes and wake him or her up.
  • Let the child set his or her own breast feeding patterns. Sometimes the child will feed every hour. Sometimes the child will demand for feeding every 3 to 4 hours. Do not follow the clock. Some mothers try to wake up a sleeping child every two hours and try to feed the child. But the baby will not have an urge to feed and will keep on crying. If the child takes 12 to 15 minutes to feed from one breast that means total for about 25 to 30 minutes and does not cry, then it means it is sucking in the right manner. But after sucking from each side for 15 minutes that is for almost 30 to 40 minutes in totality and still the baby cries, then understand the sucking method is incorrect.
  • For first six months, child should exclusively have breast milk. After 7th month give breast feeding plus semi-solid and soft food items. From the 10th month give breast milk plus all the food items cooked at home. The child that takes up breast feeding for longer time period has good immunity and also the brain development is also good. Also the breast feeding mother becomes less prone to cervical cancer and breast cancer. A unique bond is developed between the mother and the child.
  • Feeding with bottles means giving invitation to troubles. Bottle can be called a child’s enemy. Child should be kept away the bottle. The bottle fed kids may have relatively more infections, even if the baby is growing, he or she won’t learn to chew food well, get cranky, decaying tooth, speech muscles get affected and many more problems.
  • Thus, every mother should try and start breast feeding as soon as possible. She should frequently breast feed the baby. For first six months she should only give the breast milk to the child and enjoy every minute of motherhood.
So that child’s physical, mental and intelligence growth happens smoothly.  

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